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cost of a golf cart

How Much Is a Golf Cart Cost

When considering the cost of a golf cart, there are several factors to take into account. The price of a new golf cart can vary based on the brand, model, and features offered. A brand new 2-passenger electric golf cart from a reputable company …


Chapman Golf Format

Chapman Golf Format: Explained in Detail

The Chapman Golf Format, also known as the Chapman System, is a great format that combines elements of stroke play and match play. Named after the American amateur golfer Dick Chapman, the format involves two-person teams where players alternate shots until the hole is …


average golf club distances

Average Golf Club Distances

In the realm of golf, understanding average golf club distances is crucial for both amateur and professional players. Tour players, known for their exceptional golfing prowess, often attain remarkable driving distance swing to their adept swing speed and precise control over the golf ball. …


Texas Scramble

Calculating Handicaps for Texas Scramble Golf Tournaments

The Texas Scramble Handicap Calculator is a valuable tool for golfers participating in competitions utilizing the Texas Scramble format. This calculator considers the individual handicap index of each player on the team to calculate the team handicap. The handicap index, representing a player’s scoring …