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golf tips

Golf Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Golf can seem like a mystifying and frustrating sport when you first start playing. With strange terminology, expensive equipment, and the challenge of hitting a tiny ball straight, it’s normal for beginners to feel overwhelmed. But with some core knowledge of common golf terms, …


good handicap in golf

What is a good handicap in golf – Expert Tips

For golfers, knowing your handicap can be an important part of fully enjoying and improving at the game. A handicap is a numerical representation of a golfer’s skill level, used to allow players of different abilities to compete fairly against one another. Now what …


Best Online Golf Lessons

Best Online Golf Lessons (top 10 in 2023)

If you want to improve your golf skills, you no longer have to pay for expensive one-on-one lessons. Why? Because anything golf-related can be found online, including some excellent online lessons. Golf is a sport that requires skill, precision, and practice. With online golf …


Holes of Mini Golf

how Long Does 18 Holes of Mini Golf Take | Look At Answer

Lots of folks love playing mini golf, no matter how old they are. When you’re thinking about heading to a mini golf course, you might wonder, ‘How much time does it take to play 18 holes of mini golf?’ Well, the time it takes …