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golf club faster

How to Swing a Golf Club Faster

Alright, so you wanna learn how to swing a golf club faster, huh? First things first, you gotta work on your swing speed. A faster swing means more power and distance when you hit that ball. Start by loosening up those muscles with some …


Orange Whip Trainer

How To Use Orange Whip Trainer in Golf

The Orange Whip Trainer is a highly effective tool for improving your golf swing. This training aid is designed to help golfers develop their tempo, timing, and balance, which are crucial aspects of a successful golf swing. To use the Orange Whip Trainer, simply …


shoulder tilt in golf swing

How To Maintain Shoulder Tilt In The Golf Swing

To achieve better golf performance and consistency, it is important to understand and maintain proper shoulder tilt in the golf swing. The instruction for maintaining shoulder tilt starts with a solid shoulder turn during the backswing. As the golfer completes the backswing, it is …