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sweaty hands

How to Play Golf With Sweaty Hands

Golf is a game that requires mental focus, physical precision, and strong hand-eye coordination. However, sweaty hands can make getting a good grip on the club difficult and interfere with a smooth and accurate swing. If you suffer from perpetually sweaty or clammy hands, …


swing yips in golf

Cure the Full Swing YIPS in Golf

Curing the full swing yips in golf requires a combination of mental and physical techniques. To begin, it is crucial to assess and address any underlying psychological factors contributing to the yips. This may involve seeking the assistance of a sports psychologist to work …


Lower Ball Flight with Driver

How to Lower Ball Flight with Driver

When it comes to mastering the game of golf, controlling ball flight is fundamental to achieving success on the course. Lowering the ball flight with a driver can be an advantageous skill to possess, particularly when facing windy conditions or narrow fairways. One effective …


Downhill Lie in Golf

How to Hit a Wedge From a Downhill Lie in Golf

Hitting a wedge from a downhill lie in golf requires precise technique and weight distribution. To successfully execute this shot, it is essential to adjust the position of the ball and the stance. Place the ball back in your stance, with more weight on …


Swinging Across the Golf Ball

How to Fix Swinging Across the Golf Ball

Swinging across the golf ball can be a common struggle for many golfers, especially with the driver. When you swing across the ball, it can lead to inconsistent ball flight and reduced distance. To fix this issue, it’s important to focus on swinging in-to-out, …


backswing in golf

How to Shorten Your Backswing Golf 

Shortening your backswing in golf can be a beneficial adjustment to make to improve your overall game. If your backswing is currently full and goes parallel to the ground, you may want to shorten it in order to improve control and consistency. One way …


divot in golf swing

How to Take a Divot in Golf Swing

To properly take a divot in a golf swing, it is important to first take your stance and address the ball with the proper positioning. The key to taking a divot is to ensure that the low point of your swing occurs after the …