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shape shots golf

Mastering Shape Shots in Golf

Mastering shape shots in golf is a crucial skill for any serious golfer. Being able to control the trajectory and flight pattern of the ball can make a significant difference in your game. Whether it’s to navigate around obstacles or simply to add variety …


shamble in golf

Play a Shamble in Golf Tournament 

A shamble in a golf tournament is a type of golf format that combines elements of both the scramble format and the best ball format. In a shamble tournament, each player tees off, and the best drive is selected. Following that, each player will …


sweaty hands

How to Play Golf With Sweaty Hands

Golf is a game that requires mental focus, physical precision, and strong hand-eye coordination. However, sweaty hands can make getting a good grip on the club difficult and interfere with a smooth and accurate swing. If you suffer from perpetually sweaty or clammy hands, …


swing yips in golf

Cure the Full Swing YIPS in Golf

Curing the full swing yips in golf requires a combination of mental and physical techniques. To begin, it is crucial to assess and address any underlying psychological factors contributing to the yips. This may involve seeking the assistance of a sports psychologist to work …