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Putter Length

What Putter Length Do I Need?

When considering what putter length one needs, it is important to take into account various factors in order to ensure the best possible fit for one’s game. The first step in determining the correct putter length is to measure the putter, making sure to …


How to Measure Putter Length

How to Measure Putter Length Complete Guide

To determine the proper length for a putter, it is important to consider the individual’s putting stance and putting stroke. To measure the length of a putter, one can use a tape measure and measure from the sole of the club to the top …


Grip pressure for golfers

How Important Is Grip Pressure For Golfers in Golf

Grip pressure is paramount for golfers when it comes to mastering the technique of the golf swing. The way a golfer grips the club can complicate or enhance their performance on the course. Golfers need to hold the club like a little bird, with …


putting green

How to Read a Putting Green for Beginners in Golf

Reading a putting green can be a daunting task for beginners, but with the right guidance and practice, it can become a valuable skill to improve your golf game. To read a putting green effectively, it is important to pay attention to the slope …


putt from off the green in golf

How to Putt from Off the Green in Golf

In the game of golf, putting from off the green can often pose a challenge for players. When confronted with this situation, it is important to approach the shot with precision and technique. Firstly, it is crucial to assess the lie of the ball …


aimpoint putting technique

The Aimpoint Putting Technique: Mastering Green Reading

The aimpoint putting technique is a revolutionary method that has transformed the way golfers read putts. Developed by Mark Sweeney, this putting method has gained immense popularity among professional and amateur golfers alike. With over 200 tour pros, including top players like Stacy Lewis, …


8 Point Express Putting

Mastering the 8 Point Express Putting System in Golf

Mastering the 8 Point Express Putting System in Golf is an essential skill for any serious golfer looking to improve their game. This system, developed by renowned golf instructor David Orr, is a comprehensive approach to putting that focuses on the key elements of …


Putting Ball Position

Tiger Woods Putting Ball Position

When it comes to the proper ball position for putting, Tiger Woods is known for his precise and effective technique. The key to a successful putting stroke begins with the setup and stance. Woods consistently positions his feet shoulder-width apart, allowing for stability and …


forward press putting

How Much Forward Press Putting

When it comes to the putting stroke, the amount of forward press can have a significant impact on the outcome of the shot. Professional golfer Phil Mickelson is known for his unique putting style, which includes a noticeable forward press putting. The forward press …