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pushing putts to the right

How To Avoid Pushing Putts To The Right 

To avoid pushing putts to the right, there are several factors that need to be taken into consideration. Firstly, it is important to ensure that the grip on the putter is correct. A strong grip, where the palms are facing each other and the …


pulling putts left

How to Stop Pulling Putts Left

To correct the issue of pulling putts left, golfers must first evaluate their stance and alignment. Proper alignment is crucial for a successful putt, so ensuring that the shoulders, hips, and feet are all parallel to the target line is essential. Golfers should also …


Putting Tempo

Improving Your Putting Tempo in Golf

Improving Your Putting Tempo is essential for any golfer looking to refine their skills on the green. A smooth and consistent putting stroke relies heavily on a steady tempo, and mastering this aspect of the game can lead to improved accuracy and distance control. …


hold an arm lock putter

How to Hold an Arm Lock Putter

When learning how to hold an arm lock putter, it is important to ensure the putter grip is positioned correctly in your hand. Start by positioning the grip of the putter against your left forearm, with your left hand resting comfortably on the grip. …


arm lock grip

Can You Put an Arm Lock Grip on Any Putter?

When considering the application of an arm lock grip to a putter, it is important to recognize that not all putters will accommodate this type of grip. The arm lock grip, which involves extending the putter grip up the lead forearm, requires a putter …


break 90

How Many Putts Per Round to Break 90?

In order to consistently break 90 in golf, it is essential to focus on reducing the number of putts per round. The average amateur golfer takes around 36 putts per round, which is almost half of the total strokes required to break 90. Therefore, …


putts per round

How Many Putts Per Round Do Pros Average

In professional golf, the number of putts per round is a critical performance metric for evaluating a player’s skill and consistency on the greens. On average, professional golfers typically average around 29 to 30 putts per round, but this number can vary depending on …


putting technique

The Heads-Up Putting Technique in Golf

The heads-up putting technique in golf is a method that involves keeping the head up and the eyes on the target throughout the putting stroke. This approach is widely recognized as an effective way to improve putting accuracy and consistency. By keeping the head …