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how Long Does 18 Holes of Mini Golf Take | Look At Answer

Lots of folks love playing mini golf, no matter how old they are. When you’re thinking about heading to a mini golf course, you might wonder, ‘How much time does it take to play 18 holes of mini golf?’ Well, the time it takes to finish a game of mini golf can change based on different stuff. Firstly, the skill level of the players can greatly affect the duration of the game. Experienced players who are adept at manoeuvring the obstacles and sinking their shots will likely complete each hole quickly, while beginners may take longer to navigate the course.

Additionally, the complexity and design of the course itself can also impact the time it takes to complete 18 holes. Some courses may have more challenging obstacles and longer distances between holes, which can prolong the game. On average, it typically takes around one to two hours to complete a game of mini-golf with 18 holes. However, it is always a good idea to check with the specific mini golf course as the time can vary depending on their particular layout and policies. 

How long does it take to play mini-golf?

Mini golf is similar to golf, but not identical. You will never hit a golf ball up a dragon’s tongue and into the hole in regular golf. Mini golf has a variety of creative themes, including this one. Mini golf is recommended for all golfers because it can help them become better analysts of the slope, position, and speed of regular golf greens. A round of regular golf takes about 4 hours, but you may be wondering about mini-golf.

So, how long does 18 holes of mini golf take Playing 9 holes of mini golf in a group of two will take between 15 and 20 minutes. In comparison, 18 holes of mini golf typically take 30 to 45 minutes, making it an excellent choice if you want to practice your golf game right before work but I don’t have 4 hours for a traditional game of golf.

However, different factors influence how long your minigolf round takes, and estimating it incorrectly can ruin your night.

Continue reading to find out how to calculate the length of your mini-golf game.

Typical Length of an 18-hole Mini Golf Game

For most novice and casual mini golfers playing a standard course at a normal pace, 18 holes takes about 45-60 minutes. With a small group of 4-5 players taking turns, each getting through a hole every 2-3 minutes, the full course can be completed in well under an hour. Experienced players who play at a steady pace without too much waiting can complete 18 holes closer to 30-45 minutes.

On average, casual players spend 1-2 minutes per hole actually putting once it’s their turn. More competitive players may play faster at a rate of 30-60 seconds per hole. Slower groups who take their time, run into obstacles or have children along may average 3-5 minutes per hole. So for a typical mixed group of regular players, spending 2-3 minutes on every hole is common.

Factors that extend the time include:

  • Larger groups with 5+ players
  • Children players
  • Players new to mini golf need more shots
  • Lots of ball retrievals or rerunning putts
  • Courses with harder holes requiring more strokes
  • Time spent socializing and taking breaks

A packed course or mini golf night with longer waiting times for each hole can also add 15-30 minutes compared to an uncrowded time.

Mini-Golf Duration Influencing Factors

This is the average time, but it can vary depending on a few factors, such as the number of holes. Mini-golf has how many holes? Mini-golf will be available with either 9 or 18 holes. Let’s go over the factors that influence the duration and find out, “How long does mini golf take?”

Course Length

Because the courses are shorter, mini-golf takes less time than regular golf. The average hole will be between 30 and 45 feet deep. Putting all nine holes at 45 feet results in a 405-yard course. Make it 18 holes, and the course is still only 810 yards long.

Consider most standard golf courses, which range in length from 6,000 to 7,200 yards — this explains why traditional golf takes so long.


How long does mini golf with obstacles take? The length of the course is also determined by its difficulty. Courses with a lot of sand traps, watering holes, and windmills, for example, will take longer to complete. Sand traps are similar to traditional golf traps, but watering holes can be more interesting. For example, you might need to hit the golf ball across a small land bridge or risk it falling into the water.

Windmills, on the other hand, require you to hit your ball through a small hole in the center, which is a difficult task. Furthermore, if you don’t know how to judge distance, sloped holes and stairs can further delay your game, adding to your frustration.

Number of Participants

You can play mini golf in groups of 1 to 5, but most experts recommend groups of 3 or 4. If you have a group of four, expect your session to last 5 to 10 minutes per hole. With a maximum of four players, 18 holes could take up to 90 minutes. It will take about an hour to complete 9 holes.

Level of Competence

Aside from the number of people attending mini golf, you should also consider everyone’s skill level. Those with talent will almost certainly finish each hole with fewer strokes than those with little talent. In fact, a larger group of skilled golfers could easily finish a mini golf course ahead of a smaller group of novice golfers.

How long does mini-golf typically take?

How long does a typical round of mini-golf last? A round of mini with two players should take about 15 to 20 minutes to complete. This is also assuming that the course is not overcrowded. If you have to wait for other players on each hole, that 15 to 20-minute period can take 35 to 40 minutes. Similarly, if you choose 18 holes over 9, the average time is between 25 and 50 minutes.

Moving on from 2 players, the question of “how long does a game of mini golf take for 4 players?” arises. With more golfers in your group, you’re more likely to encounter delays due to poor golfing ability and general chit-chat. 9 holes should take around 60 minutes on average. For 18 holes, 90 minutes is a better estimate because your group will likely become more engrossed in the latter stages.

Mini Golf Play Speed Tips

Play on a day when there are fewer players: How long does a game of putt-putt take? Going on a busy day, such as a Friday or Saturday night, can unnecessarily slow down your mini-golf game. Mini golf courses are popular because they are enjoyable to play on. If you want to play with fewer people, arrive as soon as they open to expedite the game.

Plan Your Shot Before Your Turn: When you plan your shot before you swing, you will notice a significant improvement in the speed of your mini-golf game. Consider how you will take the shot. Assume you play with a glove and remove it between shots. Replace it before your shot.

Aim to Play in 20 Seconds: If you want to speed up the pace of the gameplay, you can even make it a group rule to try to play in 20 seconds. Including a penalty can help enforce this rule while also adding another element of entertainment to the mix.

Play 9 Holes Instead of 18: If you don’t have time for a full game, play 9 holes instead of 18. You’ll be able to enjoy your gameplay more if you don’t have to rush through it. It also means you’ll get more practice than if you didn’t go at all.

Play with Fewer Players: You can play with a maximum of five players, but most people don’t recommend it because it takes so much longer. Even with four players, the time can fly by. If you want to keep the gameplay as fast as possible, play with only two players.

How long does a round of golf take for two players versus four? In many cases, two players can complete the task in less than half the time.

Improving Pace of Play

For players looking to finish 18 holes of mini golf more quickly, strategies like these can help improve pace of play:

  • Line up putts while others are putting instead of waiting until your turn.
  • Walk briskly between holes without dawdling to stay right behind the group in front.
  • Have the next player ready to tee off as soon as the person before has finished the hole.
  • Avoid excess re-putts just to get the perfect shot; take penalty strokes instead.
  • Use a separate ball retriever so all players can keep making progress.
  • Limit socializing and phone use while playing holes so as not to hold up pace.
  • Agree to pick balls up after reaching double par if struggling to finish a tricky hole.
  • Share clubs amongst players as needed so no one has to repeatedly go back to the ball dispenser.
  • If crowded, allow faster groups to play through your group.

When to Avoid Mini Golf Based on Duration

For prospective mini golfers with limited time to spare, either due to other commitments or before a facility’s closing time, here are some general guidelines on when 18 holes may not be feasible:

  • If you have less than 30-45 minutes to play, stick to fewer holes or miniature golf may feel too rushed.
  • Arriving 30-60 minutes before closing time may not allow enough time to comfortably finish a full 18 holes.
  • When visiting a mini golf course at a peak time with long wait lines at each hole, play 9 holes instead for a quicker experience.
  • If miniature golf is just one activity of many planned during a day trip or family outing, limit play to 9 holes or pick a less crowded time if possible.
  • For children’s birthday parties and group events, plan 1.5-2 hours so an 18-hole game doesn’t need to be cut short.
  • If multiple novice players are along for the round, give yourselves extra time for what may be a 60+ minute 18-hole duration.

Miniature Golf Etiquette

Another point to emphasize is mini-golf etiquette when on the course with other players. To begin, wait until the golfers ahead of you have finished before playing on an upcoming fairway. It’s also good mini-golf etiquette to avoid playing with more than 5 people, as this can slow down the game for everyone else.

Also, except when taking your turn, never walk on the fairway playing surface. Furthermore, never cut in front of other players on the course. If they’re moving too slowly, request that you take your turn ahead of them. Allow faster players in front of you to play ahead so you can take your time and enjoy the game.


How long does 18 holes of mini golf take? The answer will depend on a variety of factors, including the length of the course, the obstacles, and the number of players. In general, 9 holes will take 15 to 20 minutes for two players. But how long does it take to play 18 holes of mini-golf?

If you stick to two players, 18 holes will take between 30 and 45 minutes. If you have a party of four, 90 minutes is a more reasonable expectation. This should answer the question, “How long does it take to play mini-golf?”

While the length of time it takes to play a round of mini-golf is largely out of your control, certain factors are. Specifically, the number of people with whom you choose to play.

Finally, we recommend not worrying about how long it takes to complete a round and simply enjoying the experience. Mini golf is so much fun because it has so many creative and unique themes and wacky obstacles that set it apart from regular golf.

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