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Some Best Exercises for golfers over 60 to Maintain Longevity

Golf is an amazing sport that individuals can relish even in their senior years, which is why it stands out among other sports. Unlock Your Golfing Greatness: Discover the Ultimate Exercises for Golfers Over 60 and Take Your Game to New Heights!
Nevertheless, senior citizens need to discover ways to boost their strength, flexibility, and balance if they intend to keep playing golf into their seventies and beyond.
In this article, we’ll go over golf exercises that can aid in achieving that objective.


Whilst warming up for golf, some exercises may seem boring and insignificant. There will be occasions when you’ll feel like jumping onto a golf cart and heading straight to the first tee, overlooking stretches or strength workouts. However, as you age, you may notice areas of your game are lacking, or parts of your body start to ache more frequently. That’s when the significance of golf exercises becomes essential.
By warming up your muscles, you’ll be better prepared for a round of golf. Exercise can refine your swing and enhance your flexibility, strength, and balance. This will protect your body from natural wear and tear, in addition to enhancing your game. By using the proper exercise techniques and adding a few easy workouts, you can continue to play golf at a top-notch level for a long time.

SOME TYPES OF Golf Exercises for Seniors

Golf exercises come in various types to improve your game and promote longevity. The exercises typically fall under four categories: strength, flexibility, endurance, and balance.

  • Strength is important in your arms, legs, and core to complete a full golf swing, providing the necessary power and accuracy to play golf at a high level.
  • Flexibility is crucial for achieving success in golf as a full range of motion enables you to strike the ball with speed and power, utilizing your mobility in the hips, arms, and shoulders. Flexibility plays a vital role in every aspect of golf, from putting a tee in the ground to releasing a driver through a ball. Fortunately, there are numerous excellent exercises for seniors to improve their golf flexibility.
  • Endurance is crucial in golf, even when driving in a golf cart. You’ll be repeating a swing over and over again, expending power and speed with each stroke, so improving your endurance is vital. As you age, it’s even more critical to pay attention to your endurance and improve it as much as you can to play better and defend against fatigue.
  • Balance is crucial for putting, in short chips, wedges from a bunker, and driving since they all require great balance. No matter the shot you’re hitting, if you’re off-balance while swinging, the ball will likely not go where you want it to, so improving your balance is necessary to enhance your overall game.

Select the Area For Golf Exercises

In golf, many body parts are involved in the swing, starting from your feet. Achieving a proper golf swing requires having a well-balanced stance, with your heels, toes, and ankles all playing a crucial role. Your legs should be steady and firm, as they provide the foundation for your movement and help you maintain your stance. As you turn into a backswing, your core muscles come into play. The strength in your arms and shoulders is key to determining the speed of your swing and providing the power to move the club forward through the ball.
All of these movements happen within a matter of seconds, depending on your swing speed. It’s clear that the golf swing is fully tricky and complex. That’s why it’s important to focus on exercises that especially target different areas of the body related to golf.

Weighted Golf Swings

Attach a swing weight to the end of your golf club, like the one shown in the video above. Alternatively, you can purchase a golf club with a built-in weight. Begin by taking your normal stance and completing a few swings to warm up your muscles.
After warming up, perform 20 to 30 swings using only your left arm, followed by the same number of reps with your right arm.


This exercise is particularly useful as a warm-up routine before a round of golf and can also help seniors maintain muscle strength and swing speed during the colder winter months.
In addition, this exercise will help to keep your lower back, hips, shoulders, obliques, and forearms loose and strong.

Golf Swing Wall Stretch

Position yourself facing a wall and lean against it, placing your right hand above your head. With your left hand, place it below the right hand, simulating the top of your backswing (for a right-handed golfer) while resting your chin comfortably on your left shoulder. Rotate your left hip inward until you feel a deep stretch. Keep your body in this position for a duration of 20 to 30 seconds, and then rotate towards the left side and perform the same stretch again.


This hip stretch is especially beneficial for senior golfers looking to increase flexibility and swing speed. It can be incorporated into a thorough warm-up routine before practice sessions.
As the golf swing necessitates a significant amount of rotation, it is important to warm up the hips before practicing or playing.

Tubing Around Ankles

Take any loop or theraband and encircle it around both your ankles. Put any golf club or stick horizontally across your chest. Commence by placing your feet close to one another, but take a step with your right foot to move away from it so that you stand a bit beyond shoulder-width apart.

Afterwards, replicate your backswing by turning your body away from the target as far as possible and transferring much of your weight onto the rear leg. Next, shift your body weight onto the front leg and execute the downswing with your right toe leaving the ground.

Finally, return to the starting stance with your feet placed close together.


Senior golfers can effectively target their quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, hips, and adjacent muscles through this amazing method. Improved strength can reduce leg and hip stiffness and aid in achieving greater distance off the tee. The greatest part about this workout plan is that you can do it anywhere outside of a gym.

Prone Press Up

Assume a prone position with your elbows supporting your body. Extend your lower back by lifting your body through your elbows. Maintain the stretched position momentarily before returning to the initial position. Execute ten repetitions to facilitate optimal mobility across the spine.


Senior golfers can alleviate lower back pain, which is a prevalent injury in golf, with this particular stretch. As the golf swing puts a tremendous strain on the lower back, engaging in these flexibility exercises for golf is of utmost significance.

Established Figure Four Stretch

Sit in a chair or golf cart and place your right foot on your left knee. Stretch your hip flexors by gently pressing the side of your right knee with your hand. Hold for a count of ten before switching to the other leg. Repeat this process for each leg for three sets.


The seated figure four stretch is a personal favourite of mine, and I recommend doing it before each hole to enhance your performance. This stretch is particularly beneficial for seniors as it can help improve hip flexor flexibility, leading to a smoother backswing.

Medicine Ball Side Twists

It is an exercise where you sit on an exercise mat, raise your legs slightly, and hold a medicine ball in both hands. With the ball, swiftly swing to your right side and tap it against the mat, then rotate and touch the other side of the mat. If your lower back starts to hurt, you can place your heels on the ground instead of keeping them lifted in the air.


This exercise may be simple, but it does an excellent job of working the oblique muscles, which are essential for the golf swing. Keeping your core in good shape can result in more yardage off the tee and reduce the likelihood of any back injuries.

Seated Lower Back Stretch

Take a comfortable seat at the edge of a chair that comes with armrests. Ensure that your hips and knees are positioned forward. Now, turn your upper body towards your left leg and exert pressure on your knee using your right hand. For increased stretching, place your left hand on the chair’s arm to get additional support and leverage. Hold the position for 30 seconds and then repeat the same stretch by rotating towards your right.


It is important to perform this exercise daily to stretch your lower back and oblique muscles. Additionally, it is advisable to do this exercise before playing a round of golf to avoid muscle pulls. The best part is that it can be done while sitting on a chair or on the ground.

Chair-based Hip Flexor Exercise

Stand around two feet away from a chair and place both hands on top of it. Ensure that the chair is high enough to reach your hips and keep your feet shoulder-width apart.
Lift your left knee as high as possible, aiming to raise it to the top of the chair without pushing yourself to the point of discomfort.
Make each repetition slow and controlled, counting to three while ascending and descending. Complete 8 to 15 reps before switching to your right knee and performing the same exercise.


This exercise enhances the strength and flexibility of the hip flexor muscles, which are crucial during the swing. Moreover, it promotes balance, hip mobility, and coordination, which are three essential components of a smooth swing.

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