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Best Golf Training Aids to Improve Your Game

Golf can be an incredibly rewarding yet challenging sport to master. Even experienced golfers can struggle with inconsistencies in their swing, shot accuracy, and technique. This is where golf training aids come in handy! Golf training aids are devices designed to help you improve specific aspects of your golf game, from building a consistent swing to honing your short game skills. With the right golf training tools, you can ingrain proper muscle memory, increase power and speed, improve accuracy and ball striking, and lower your scores. In this article, we will explore the benefits of using golf training aids and review our top 5 picks for game-changing golf training tools guaranteed to shed strokes off your scorecard.

Let’s get started on the path to a better golf game!

The Benefits of Using Golf Training Aids: Golf training aids offer many advantages to improve your skills. Some of the top benefits are here:

Improve Swing Technique and Mechanics: One of the main benefits of golf training aids is helping you develop an efficient, repeatable golf swing. Swing trainers provide instant feedback on your swing path, tempo, rhythm, and mechanics to ingrain proper muscle memory. This leads to long-term consistency and accuracy.

Develop Muscle Memory: One of the biggest challenges in golf is consistently repeating a mechanically sound swing. Golf training tools help build kinesthetic feel and muscle memory for the optimal positions, movements, and feels of an efficient golf swing. This muscle memory leads to confident, consistent ball-striking.

Increase Swing Speed and Power: Many golf training aids incorporate resistance bands, weighted attachments, and counterweighting systems to help increase your golf swing speed and power. The added resistance strengthens golf muscles and increases clubhead speed. Greater swing speed equals greater distance on your drives.

Improve Shot Accuracy and Consistency: As you develop proper swing mechanics through golf training tools, your ball striking and shot accuracy see significant improvements. Golf training aids help you make consistent, centered contact to launch shots straight and true to your target. Your mishits also decrease dramatically.

Build Golf-Specific Muscles and Athleticism: Golf requires coordinated athletic motions to execute an efficient swing sequence. Golf training aids build the golf-specific muscles and athleticism required for proper technique. Flexibility, balance, core strength and rotational power are all enhanced.

Learn Proper Grip, Stance and Posture: A faulty grip, improper stance, and poor posture are among the most common swing flaws amateurs make. Many golf training aids teach you how to optimize your grip pressure, achieve ideal stance width, and maintain proper spine angle and posture throughout the swing.

Our Top 5 Picks for Golf Training Aids

With the performance benefits of golf training aids in mind, let’s review 5 of our top picks to help improve your game:

Swing Trainer Golf Swing

SwingTrainer Golf Swing Trainer One of the best all-around swing trainers is the Swing Trainer. This lightweight, portable swing trainer attaches to any golf club and provides instant feedback on your swing path, tempo, and mechanics. As you swing, the Swing Trainer guides you into the proper inside path for increased lag, clubhead speed, and consistency. Audible tones help you time the transition and downswing tempo perfectly. Daily use of the Swing Trainer will ingrain the muscle memory for the positions and sequence of an efficient golf swing.

SKLZ Gold Flex Golf Trainer

SKLZ Gold Flex Golf Trainer The SKLZ Gold Flex is one of the best golf training aids for building golf-specific core strength and athleticism. This resistance training aid attaches to any golf club. As you swing the Gold Flex, the flexible shaft provides resistance to challenge your core muscles while promoting ideal swing tempo, flexibility, and rotational movement. The Gold Flex also encourages proper lag and release to maximize clubhead speed. Use this tool daily to get in golf-specific exercise and build an athletic, powerful golf swing.

PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer

PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer Struggling with your putting stroke? The PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer is the perfect practice tool for sinking more putts. It provides instant feedback on your putter face angle, path, and stroke tempo by tracking your putts into the target. If your putt goes off line, you’ll immediately know if you have an issue with alignment, swing path, pacing or follow through. The slit in the PuttOut tracks straight putts and provides satisfying feedback on well-executed putts. Use this putting trainer just minutes a day to build confidence on the greens.

Orange Whip Golf Swing

Orange Whip Golf Swing Trainer: Want to increase your swing speed and add yards off the tee? The Orange Whip Golf Swing Trainer is a versatile tool for improving swing timing, tempo, flexibility, and power. The orange weighted shaft provides resistance as you swing the club for added muscle strength and control. The counterweight causes the shaft to recoil back in a fluid motion that promotes proper rhythm and lag through impact. Regular training with the Orange Whip will unlock greater rotational force for tremendous clubhead speed. Your driving distance and control will soar.

Dave Pelz Short Game Wedge Training Aid

Short Game Wedge Training Aid by Dave Pelz A golf training aid roundup would be incomplete without a tool to help you improve your short game. The Dave Pelz wedge training aid helps master proper technique on chips, pitches, sand shots, and precise wedge shots inside 100 yards. The angled rail design ensures you are making crisp contact with the ball first before the clubface bottoms out. This builds muscle memory for optimal wedge face angle, ball strike, distance control, and trajectory. Shave strokes off your short game with daily reps using the Dave Pelz training aid.

Best Putter Stroke Test

The Best Putter Stroke Test is a crucial tool for any golfer looking to improve their putting game. This test evaluates a golfer’s putting stroke in order to determine the optimal technique for consistent and accurate putts. The test measures various factors such as stroke length, tempo, and face angle at impact. By analyzing these key components, golfers can understand their strengths and weaknesses, and make necessary adjustments to their putting stroke.

This test is not only beneficial for professional golfers but also for amateurs who want to enhance their putting skills. With the help of the Best Putter Stroke Test, golfers can gain valuable insights into their putting performance, pinpoint areas for improvement, and ultimately lower their scores on the green. Whether it’s a slight tweak or a complete overhaul, this test provides valuable data to help golfers develop a putting stroke that is best suited for their game.

Best Swing Efficiency Training Aid

When it comes to improving golf swings, finding the best swing efficiency training aid is crucial. One popular option is the swing trainer. This tool works by providing feedback and guidance to golfers, helping them develop a more efficient and consistent swing. It focuses on aspects such as club speed, tempo, and release, which are essential for a powerful and accurate swing. The swing trainer offers various drills and exercises that target specific swing components, allowing golfers to work on their weaknesses and improve overall swing efficiency.

Another excellent training aid is the swing analyzer. This device captures data about the golfer’s swing, including club path, face angle, and clubhead speed. It provides detailed analysis and insights, helping golfers identify areas for improvement and make necessary adjustments to enhance swing efficiency. Overall, both the swing trainer and the swing analyzer are valuable tools for golfers looking to take their game to the next level.


Implementing golf training aids into your practice routine is a smart investment to build a consistent, efficient golf swing. Our top picks for golf training tools will help ingrain proper technique, increase your athleticism, and build lasting muscle memory to lower scores. With devices providing instant feedback, you can correct flaws immediately and accelerate your improvement. Invest in one or more of these game-changing golf training aids to reach your golf goals this season. Keep practicing with purpose and enjoy watching your scores drop!


How does orange whip help golf swing?

The Orange Whip golf swing trainer helps improve swing tempo, flexibility, and power through its weighted design. As you swing the Orange Whip, the heavy orange shaft provides resistance to build golf muscles while the counterweight promotes proper lag and rhythm in the downswing. This helps increase clubhead speed as well as control and consistency.

Are swing plane trainers worth it?

Swing plane trainers are absolutely worth the investment for most golfers. They provide instant feedback on your swing path, helping you groove a more consistent, efficient swing plane. This leads to better ball striking, more distance, and greater accuracy. Swing plane trainers are an excellent tool for ingraining proper swing mechanics.

Does Orange Whip help swing speed?

Yes, the Orange Whip can definitely help increase swing speed. The weighted resistance as you swing the club builds golf-specific strength to improve clubhead speed. It also enhances the proper sequencing of the downswing to maximize lag and whip-like release through the ball for greater power.

How do you use a golf swing training aid?

Golf swing training aids are used by attaching them to your golf club and taking practice swings. As you swing, the training aid provides feedback on your swing mechanics, plane, tempo, etc. to build muscle memory. Take enough full, proper practice swings with swing aids to ingrain good mechanics. Always warm up before use.

How do I increase my golf ball speed?

To increase golf ball speed, use swing training aids to improve technique, flexibility and strength. Also focus on correct sequencing in the downswing, utilizing your body for maximum lag and whip release. Swing plane trainers can teach efficient body rotations. Strength aids boost clubhead speed. Lessons and fitness regimens also help increase ball speed.

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