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The Wonderful World of Funny Golf Team Names

Choosing a good name for your golf team is an important aspect of the sport. A creative and funny golf team names not only adds a cool factor to your club but also reflects the fun and lighthearted nature of the game. As a golfer, having a clever and humorous team name can make the tournament experience even more enjoyable. Whether it’s for a fantasy golf league or a real tournament, the best golf team names can bring a sense of camaraderie and unity among players.

And let’s not forget the word-of-mouth recognition that comes with a great team name – it can make you stand out as a notable player in the golfing community. So, take the time to brainstorm and come up with some truly funny golf team names that will not only make you a standout player, but also contribute to the overall fun and enjoyment of the sport. 

What makes great Fantasy Golf Team names?

When brainstorming funny golf team names, the most important criteria is that the name makes you and your teammates laugh. The humor can be clever, ironic, silly, or even borderline inappropriate as long as everyone is on board. The best funny golf team names often have some connection to golf terminology or culture while giving a humorous twist. They may gently poke fun at the supposed sophistication of golf, or the struggles all golfers face to master this infamously difficult sport. 

Once you’ve settled on a funny and memorable team name, you can take the humor even further by designing hilarious golf shirts featuring your team name. This allows everyone at the golf club or tournament to in on the golf joke while showing off your team pride and camaraderie. 

Examples of Funny Golf Team Names

To spur your creativity for conceiving the perfect funny golf team name, here are some popular examples other golf teams have employed to bring the laughs:

  • Tee’d Off
  • ParTees Of Fore
  • Gimmee That
  • Hole In Fun
  • The Bogey Men
  • Caddyshackers
  • Eagle Rare
  • Sub Par Superstars
  • Fore Play
  • The Front Nine Inch Nails
  • Double Bogeys
  • Bogey Low The Belt
  • Eagle Caddy
  • Fore Score and 7 Beers Ago

As you can see from these examples, the pun is just mightier than the sword when it comes to brainstorming funny golf team names. Let’s explore the various directions you can take this.

Golf Lingo Based Funny Team Names

One reliable formula for funny golf team names is simply to make puns based on common golf terminology:

Fore More Friends

Playing on the classic phrase golfers yell when their ball is heading towards other people to warn them, this name indicates you’re playing for camaraderie rather than competition. 

Sand Trap Queens

Making a pun comparing sand traps to drag queens, this name implies your team spends a lot of time getting out of tricky situations in the course’s sand traps – rather than skillfully avoiding them. 

The Bogey Wonders

Bogey is a golf score of one over par, making it a humble performance. Calling your less-than-stellar golf skills “wonders” is therefore ironic and funny.

Eagle Scouts

Since an eagle in golf is two under par and highly impressive, claiming your team has eagle abilities implies you have skills far beyond what your play demonstrates.

Using Golf Culture References

In addition to playing with golf lingo itself, you can base funny golf team names on references to famous golf films, pros, and lore:


An homage to the comedy classic 1980 golf film Caddyshack starring Chevy Chase, Rodney Dangerfield, and Bill Murray. Fans can reference their favorite moments to embody the name.  

The Hole In Vonnes

A parody of golf icon Gary “The Black Knight” Player’s nickname and his signature celebration swinging his club around his neck when he sinks a great shot.

The Bogey Wonders

Paying tribute to Francis Ouimet’s shocking 1913 U.S. Open victory as an unknown amateur over British professionals in a legendary underdog story that made golf popular in America. 

Happy Gilmours

A funny twist on Christopher McDonald’s ridiculous villain character Shooter McGavin from the 1996 golf comedy Happy Gilmore starring Adam Sandler.

Ironic Contrast Golf Team Names 

The refinement and sophistication golf is known for also makes ripe fodder for funny golf team names that provide an ironic contrast with your team’s actual manner and skill level:

Barbarian Par

The term barbarian contrasted with par implies your team plays golf with reckless abandon rather than carefully going for par or below.

The Bogey Gentlemen

Addressing each other as gentlemen while consistently hitting bogeys and double bogeys is amusingly contradictory.  

Eagle Etiquette

Well-mannered etiquette has little in common with your team’s supposedly stellar eagle abilities.

The Sub Par Sophisticates

The sophistication associated with golf is humorously at odds with your performance below par.

Self-Deprecating Funny Golf Team Names

Perhaps the richest vein for funny golf team names comes from making fun of your own lack of golf prowess. Luckily, low skill levels provide endless material when trying to get laughs from fellow players. Consider these examples: 

Hazardous Golfers

Being accident and danger prone on the course is no laughing matter – unless you fully embrace it with your team name!

The Triple Bogeys

Most golfers are thrilled with a birdie (one under par) and disappointed by a bogey (one over). Calling yourself “Triple Bogeys” therefore suggests you are much, much worse than that.

Sand Bunker Sweethearts

Nothing says “bad at golf” like getting intimately acquainted with the course’s sand bunkers!

Whiff City

Taking inspiration from baseball’s “swing and a miss” epithet, the whiff is golf’s equivalent. Calling your whole team’s play Whiff City therefore requires no explanation.

Incorporating Your Own Names

If you want to take the personalization of your funny golf team name even further, consider incorporating your own names into the moniker:

Lisa’s Hazards

If Lisa is known for her dangerous adventures into course obstacles, her namechecks her directly! 

Kevin’s Bogey Brigade

A whole brigade named in Kevin’s (dis)honor dedicated to shooting over par. 

Eagle Eddie and the Birdie Bandits

Honoring Eddie’s rare eagle abilities compared to the rest of the team’s birdie thievery suggests an extreme imbalance of skills.

Par Patrick and the Bogeys

Patrick may make par but gets dragged down by his bogey buddies.

Customizing with Inside Jokes

Finally, the funniest golf team names often call back to inside jokes among players on personal foibles, embarrassing moments, and shared stories:

The Mulligan Mishaps

Commemorating that time the whole team had to embarrassingly re-tee over and over. 

Pond’s Plungers

Maybe your buddy Pond has an unfortunate habit of hitting into water hazards? His nickname provides endless team name fun.  

Tree’s Bounces

Does Tree have an uncanny ability to hit balls off trees back into play? His luck deserves some fame!


Funny golf team names for ladies?

  • Tee Cups
  • Par Tease
  • Birdie Bottoms
  • Hole In Ones
  • Hazards Be Damned
  • Bogeys and Bikinis
  • Sand-als Not Sandals
  • Mulligan Mamas
  • The Skirt Traps
  • No Mulligans, We’re Girls

Some funny options that have a feminine twist or reference golf attire often worn by female players. Lean into cheeky or cute names that the ladies on your team will enjoy.

Funny golf team names Happy Gilmore?

In honor of the popular Adam Sandler golf comedy, go for names inspired by iconic characters, quotes and moments from the film:

  • Gilmore’s Gallery
  • The Tunas
  • Price’s Gold Jacket
  • Grizzly Adams DID Have a Beard
  • Gold Jacket, Green Jacket
  • Shooter’s Shooters
  • Happy’s Hooligans
  • Nanna’s Nursery Home
  • Bob Barker Crew

Fans of the movie will get a kick out of team names that pay tribute to Happy Gilmore’s laughs and absurdity.

Funny golf team names UK?

For British golf teams, incorporate references to UK golf culture:

  • Royal & Ancient Lads
  • 18 holes and a Few Pints
  • Bogey Blokes
  • Windy Winners
  • Tartan Trousers
  • Caddy Lads
  • Our Wee Putting Club
  • Blimey Birdies
  • The 19th Hole

Have fun with British slang and golf lingo as the Brits enjoy a good laugh while playing just as much as anyone else!

Get Creative and Unique Best Golf Names

As you can see, the possibilities for funny golf team names are as wide and vibrant as your imagination. Don’t be afraid to bounce ideas off each other until the perfect punny, ironically sophisticated, or unabashedly self-deprecating option makes itself clear. The most important criteria are that the name incites laughter and comradery within your own squad. After all, golf is supposed to be fun – so make sure your team name reflects that spirit!

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