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The Heads-Up Putting Technique in Golf

The heads-up putting technique in golf is a method that involves keeping the head up and the eyes on the target throughout the putting stroke. This approach is widely recognized as an effective way to improve putting accuracy and consistency. By keeping the head up during the putting stroke, golfers are able to maintain a clear focus on the desired target, which can lead to more accurate and successful putts. In order to effectively utilize the heads-up putting technique, golfers need to practice proper posture, positioning, and alignment.

Additionally, golfers should also make use of different putting tips and strategies to enhance their technique. These may include steady breathing, maintaining a relaxed grip, and using a pendulum-like stroke. When employing the heads-up putting technique, golfers need to remain patient and diligent, as it may take time and practice to fully integrate this method into their putting routine.

Ultimately, mastering the heads-up putting technique can lead to improved confidence and success on the green, making it a valuable skill for golfers of all levels. Mastering a reliable putting stroke leads to lower scores over 18 holes. The heads up style helps golfers improve aim, technique, and confidence on the greens.

What is the Heads Up Putting Technique?

The heads up putting technique is a method used in golf to improve focus and accuracy during putting. This technique involves keeping your head lifted and eyes focused on the target, rather than looking down at the ball. By keeping the head up, golfers can maintain better balance and stability, leading to a smoother and more consistent putting stroke. The heads up putting technique also helps golfers to visualize the line and speed of their putts, as they can better assess the terrain and break of the green. Some helpful heads-up putting tips include keeping a relaxed posture, maintaining a steady gaze on the target, and practicing deep breathing to stay calm and focused. 

The heads up putting technique emphasizes keeping your head and eyes focused on the ball from setup through the entire putting stroke. The goal is to put while looking at the ball, not the hole. This builds consistency in your setup, aim, stroke path and follow through. For most golfers, heads up putting delivers better results than the “eyes over the ball” method.

Proper Setup with Heads Up Putting

Alright, so when it comes to using the heads up putting technique, it’s all about the proper setup. Make sure your feet are shoulder-width apart, and your eyes are directly over the ball. This will help you get a better feel for the distance and line of your putt. Trust me, it makes a huge difference!

Stance Width and Ball Position 

Stand upright with feet about shoulder width apart for balance. Position the ball off your left heel (right heel for lefties) in the middle of your stance. Keep arms and shoulders relaxed during the setup.

Grip the Putter 

Use a light grip to avoid tension that leads to jerky motions. Let your hands swing the putter rather than hitting forcefully with your arms or shoulders. Place more pressure on your right hand (left for lefties) to guide direction.

Posture and Eye Position

Maintain a straight, upright posture. Lean slightly from your waist with your knees relaxed. Position your eyes directly over the golf ball at the address. Focus visually only on the ball throughout the stroke.

Proper Aim with Heads Up Putting Technique

Choosing an Intended Line Visualize an imaginary target line from your ball to the hole based on the green’s slope and condition. Envision the path you want the ball to roll to reach the cup.

Align Your Feet and Shoulders

Set your feet, hips and shoulders parallel left of the target line (right for lefties). Avoid angling your feet at the target. Square alignment promotes a straight back and through motion.

Focus On the Ball for Consistent Contact

Stay composed with your eyes fixed on the back of the ball. This retains your alignment and ensures solid impact. Avoid glancing up prematurely trying to steer the ball with your eyes.

Execute the Putting Stroke

Back the Putter Straight Along the Chosen Path
Draw the putter head straight back low along the ground, keeping your wrists firm and elbows tucked. Bring the putter only halfway back, no higher than necessary.

Accelerate Smoothly 

Through the Golf Ball Transition weight to your left side while accelerating the putter head forward through impact. Maintain eye position on the ball with the head still to keep the face square longer.

Follow Through 

Toward the Intended Target Keep your eyes tracking the ball as you extend your arms naturally. Allow the putter head to swing forward along the target line after contact. Follow through low and avoid decelerating until the putter finishes the stroke.

Practice Drills to Improve Heads Up Putting

Straight Line Drill Set up balls in a straight line 4 feet apart. Take a stance parallel to the line and put it to each ball without realigning your feet. Grooves straight back and through motion.

Mirror Drill Position a mirror directly behind your golf ball. Maintain eye contact with your reflected image throughout the stroke to ingrain the heads-up technique.

Ball Circle Drill Draw a 3 foot circle using balls around the hole. Aim for different angles while keeping your eyes on the ball at the address. Solidify alignment skills.

Chalk Line Drill Drop a chalk line on the green pointed at the hole. Align feet and stroke path to chalk line so you roll the ball directly over it.

Distance Control with Clubface Rotation Practice lags putting by setting tees marking 25%, 50%, and 75% distances to the hole. Learn to control backswing length to gauge distance.


Do any pros use heads up putting?

Yes, some professional golfers use the heads up putting technique. Notable golfers like Sam Snead, Ben Crenshaw, and Bryson DeChambeau have used this style at times. Keeping your head still helps create a consistent, pendulum-like stroke that promotes better distance control and accuracy.

How does the aimpoint putting method work?

The Aimpoint method, popularized by instructor Mark Sweeney, uses detailed green reading to calculate the exact break needed to sink a putt. Players use specialized charts and formulas factoring in variables like slope, grain, stimpmeter speed, etc. This comprehensive system aims to take out the guessing on reading greens.

Do any professionals look at the hole while putting?

Most professionals use a heads up style focused on the ball, but some do glance towards the hole at times during their stroke. Cricketer Adam Gilchrist was known for looking at the hole while striking his putts. Some players peek to reinforce their read or line, but keeping your eyes down generally promotes better technical consistency.

Do you look at the ball or putter when putting?

Keeping your eyes directly on the golf ball is the key to proper contact and direction. Resist the urge to glance at the putter’s head or blade during the stroke. Staying down and tracking the ball not only improves aim, but it enhances your touch and speed control. Beginners benefit from placing tees on either side of the ball to guide eye position during practice.

Conclusion: heads up putting technique

 In conclusion, it is imperative to understand the importance of the heads up putting technique for a successful game of golf. The proper setup with heads up putting, as outlined by, provides valuable tips and insights for players looking to improve their putting skills. By focusing on the alignment of the eyes and the ball, as well as maintaining a steady and balanced posture, golfers can significantly enhance their putting performance. Implementing the heads up putting technique not only allows for better accuracy and consistency in putting, but it also promotes overall confidence in the course. Therefore, it is essential for golfers to pay close attention to this technique and utilize the heads up putting tips provided by to elevate their game. 

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