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How Far to Stand from Golf Ball? Easy Guide and Tips

Figuring out the right distance to stand from the golf ball can be a real challenge sometimes. Ever tried to line up a shot and felt like you were either reaching too far or getting all cramped up? Well, no worries! We’ve got a simple solution for you, and we’ll show you exactly how to set it up, so you’re at the perfect distance every single time.

Achieving the correct distance from the golf ball is crucial for a good swing. When you’re setting up your golf stance, make sure to bend at your hips with your knees slightly flexed. As you do this, pay attention to how your trail hand swings in line with your grip, and keep the butt of the club about six inches away from your thighs. This way, you’ll be in a solid and comfortable position to make your swing. Happy golfing! Additionally, the club’s end should align with your belt buckle.

However, if you need help to find the correct distance, it can negatively affect your game by hindering your ability to take a powerful and accurate swing. Therefore, finding the correct posture and distance is important to make judging the distance you need easier. If you want to level up your golf game, you should totally check out some of the awesome YouTube golf instructors. They’ve got tons of valuable tips and techniques that can seriously enhance your skills!

What happens when you Far Stand from The Golf Ball?

when you Far Stand from The Golf Ball

To really nail your swing, it’s crucial to position yourself at the perfect distance from the ball so you can unleash the full power of your body. Your lower body plays a key role in creating a strong drive, while the strength and mobility of your upper body contribute to generating speed.
To nail those awesome shots with power and precision, it’s super important to get yourself properly lined up and at the right distance from the ball. That way, your body can work together like a well-oiled machine! If you stand too far or close to the ball, your body will be thrown off balance, and your swing will suffer, relying solely on upper or lower body strength.
Remember that since everyone’s body is unique in height, arm and torso length, there’s no universal measurement to determine the correct distance from the ball.
Rather, we aim to achieve an optimal stance that gives our body ample room for a smooth swing and generates maximum force for a drive.
Once you know how your body should feel in the right alignment, you can apply this to decide the appropriate distance to stand away from the ball while employing an iron.

Get the Right Distance from the Golf Ball

Stand from the Golf Ball

For nailing that perfect iron shot in golf, here are the steps to make sure your posture is on point:

  • First, plant your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Drop your hips back and tilt your body slightly forward as if looking down at the golf ball.
  • Make sure to bend from the hips while keeping your back level, and avoid hunching your back or rounding your shoulders.
  • Bend your knees slightly for flexion, but don’t lock them.
  • Tilt your body slightly in the direction of your target.
  • Let your arms just hang down directly from your shoulders.
  • Ensure the distance between your dropped hands and bent knees is a little more than the span of your hand.
  • Practice this posture without an iron first to understand the motion.

Once you feel comfortable with the posture, try it again while holding an iron, and feel how your body moves in a swing. Keep your knees slightly bent while you swing, and make sure you don’t feel restricted.

In this posture, you can shift forwards or backwards from the ball. Maintain this position to ascertain the accurate distance from the ball as you move.

Using correct posture as a guide is more effective than relying on the ball to determine the right distance. 

What happens when I Stand Too Far From the Golf Ball?

What happens when I Stand Too Far From the Golf Ball?

A few different issues arise when you stand too far away or too close to the golf ball. Fortunately, you can easily fix both problems by using your trail hand (the one at the back) to help you reposition your body and maintain the correct distance.

When you stand too far from the ball, your feet will be too far back, and your hips will be out of alignment. This will force you to stretch your arms out to line up the club with the ball. When you do this, your arms will lock at the elbows, limiting your ability to use your shoulders and arms to generate power and control.

This lack of upper body control means you won’t be able to swing as quickly or accurately as you could if you were standing at the correct distance from the ball. Standing too far away from the ball can cause your swing to become more erratic and may even cause the ball to hook.

To check if you’re standing too far away from the ball, try letting go of the club with your trial hand and letting it hang straight down. If you’re at the correct distance, your hand should hang directly down without moving closer to your body.

What happens When I Stand Too Close to the Golf Ball?

What happens When I Stand Too Close to the Golf Ball?

Standing too close to the ball hinders your ability to engage your lower body fully. This causes your arms to be too close to your legs, leading to rounded or hunched shoulders. Your hands will hang too low, and your legs will obstruct your swing.

During the backswing, your hips must rotate your legs to make space for the club.As you swing down, your legs will straighten, and your hips will thrust forward to keep your balance.

Standing too close to the ball forces you to rely on your arms and hands to generate power, resulting in inconsistent shots and reduced distance. You are also more likely to slice the ball.

To correct this mistake:

  1. Use your trail hand as a guide.
  2. Allow it to swing freely; if it moves away from your body to hang straight down, you are too close to the ball.
  3. Adjust your feet and hips to create the proper distance.

This Is The Correct Distance to the Golf Ball?

Correct Distance to the Golf Ball

To make a smooth swing without leaning back or forward, it’s crucial to position yourself right and keep your knees and elbows properly bent. Practice the position drill to ensure you have the correct knee bend, hinging cleanly at the hip without rounding your back and shoulders.

If you need clarification on the correct distance to the golf ball, use your trail arm as a guide. When your trail arm hangs loosely downward and is even with your grip, you know you’re standing in the right place. Also, you can roughly keep the butt of your club about six inches or a handspan away from your thighs as a helpful reference.

Why Pro Golfers Stand So Close to the Ball?

Pro Golfers Stand So Close to the Ball

Occasionally, it is possible to observe golf players positioning themselves too near the ball. As evidenced, standing too far or too close to the ball can provoke instances of hooks and slices. If you’re an experienced golfer and know your limitations, you can adjust your stance at different distances to compensate for them.

For instance, if you tend to have a flat swing plane, getting closer to the ball can fix that issue by allowing you to use a more upright swing path.

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