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How to Hold an Arm Lock Putter

When learning how to hold an arm lock putter, it is important to ensure the putter grip is positioned correctly in your hand. Start by positioning the grip of the putter against your left forearm, with your left hand resting comfortably on the grip. Your forearm should be at a slight angle, and your left hand should be placed above your right hand on the grip. Next, make sure your right hand is securely gripped on the putter as well, with both hands working together to create a solid grip.

Throughout the putting stroke, it is crucial to maintain the relationship between the putter grip and your left arm, as this is the foundation of the arm lock technique. Keep your arms and hands relaxed, and focus on maintaining a smooth and consistent stroke. It is also important to practice and refine this technique through consistent repetition and feedback from a knowledgeable instructor. By mastering the proper grip and stroke mechanics, you will be able to effectively hold an arm lock putter and improve your putting performance on the green. 

What is an Arm Lock Putter

An Arm Lock Putter is a type of golf putter that is designed to be held with a unique grip technique. Unlike traditional putters, the Arm Lock Putter is designed to be held in a way that allows the golfer to anchor the grip against their lead forearm, creating a more stable and consistent stroke. This type of putter has gained popularity in recent years amongst professional and amateur golfers alike, as it offers a way to minimize the potential for wrist movement during the putting stroke. When using an Arm Lock Putter, the golfer will hold the grip in a way that allows the shaft to be placed along the inside of the lead forearm, with the grip of the putter running parallel to the lead arm. 

An arm lock putter, also known as a belly putter or anchored putter, has a longer shaft than a standard putter and is designed to be pressed against the body while putting. This creates a fixed pivot point in the abdomen or chest area and anchors one end of the putter to the body. The golfer then swings the putter using their free arm, allowing only one arm and a set of hands to control the stroke. This stabilizes the stroke and can help improve consistency and accuracy.

Benefits of Using an Arm Lock Putter

Using an arm lock putter has several potential benefits. By anchoring one end of the club to the body, it reduces tension in the hands, arms, and shoulders during the stroke. This frees up the pendulum motion of the stroke, creating a more fluid, rhythmic pace. The fixed pivot point also minimizes wrist action, helping golfers who struggle with excessive hand or wrist movement during the stroke. Many golfers find they can achieve better directional control and face angle consistency using an anchored arm lock style.

How to Grip an Arm Lock Putter Properly

Learning how to properly grip an arm lock putter is key to utilizing it effectively. Start by finding the right length putter based on your body type – the grip end should rest comfortably in the abdomen or low-to-mid chest area. Grip pressure should be light, with the putter resting against the body rather than being forcefully pressed into it. Place the grip end into your stomach or chest and let your gripping hand hang down naturally. Position your free hand in a neutral, relaxed grip at the opposite end of the shaft. Keep elbows pointed down and tucked into your sides throughout the stroke. The putter grip pressure should be focused on the hand that makes the pendulum motion during the stroke.

Setup and Alignment with an Arm Lock Putter

Proper setup and alignment are crucial for consistency while using an arm lock putter. Approach every putt from behind to read the green and map out the intended line. Place your feet shoulder width apart, perpendicular to the target line. Position the ball one to two inches inside your anchor point foot to allow free motion of the stroke. Lean forward slightly from the hips, keeping your back and shoulders straight. Anchor the putter securely into your midsection, letting it rest there lightly. Use your free hand to raise the grip end of the putter straight back, keeping both elbows pointed down. Aim by lining up perpendicular to the desired start line.

Putting Stroke with an Anchored Arm Lock Putter

Making an effective, consistent stroke is vital for improving accuracy with an arm lock putter. Keep the grip end anchored securely to create a fixed pivot point. Maintain an athletic posture with knees and elbows slightly flexed. Draw the putter head straight back low to the ground using your free hand and arm to control the backswing. Weight should shift slightly to your back foot on the backswing. Let the putter swing smoothly down the target line in a gentle, pendulum motion, shifting weight onto your front foot during the follow through. Allow your gripping hand to release down the target line naturally. Contact the ball first, then the green. Stroke through the ball smoothly, avoiding any abrupt deceleration.

Drills to Practice Using an Arm Lock Belly Putter

Implementing practice drills is important for developing sound technique with an arm lock putter. Here are some helpful ones:

  • Stroke multiple putts using only your grip hand, keeping the putter anchored to train proper pendulum motion.
  • Make continuous strokes while intentionally over-accelerating through impact to promote better follow through.
  • Practice “dead hands” putting where you minimize hand action, using core rotation to stroke putts.
  • Place alignment sticks on the ground to guide your backswing and follow through path.
  • Roll putts to specific distances then try to match those lengths, developing better speed control.
  • Sink multiple putts in a row from 3-6 feet to build confidence in your ability to start putts online.
  • Compete against friends in challenges like closest-to-the-hole contests.


How do you hold an armlock putter?

To hold an armlock putter, stand with a wide stance and grip the club lower down the shaft than a traditional putter. Position the grip end against your stomach, with the shaft pointing upwards at around a 60 degree angle. Keep your elbows tucked in close against your torso and your forearms angled up, creating a braced triangle shape that anchors the putter to your midsection. Grip the club lightly while maintaining this balanced position anchored against your body.

Yes, arm lock putting is legal under the current rules of golf. The ban on anchoring a club only applies to putters bent at multiple angles or attachments that anchor the club directly to your body. Single-bend armlock putters with one straight shaft remain legal, provided the length from your grip to the end of the shaft does not exceed 30 inches. You cannot nest the butt of the shaft into your stomach. You may have light bracing contact but be cautious not to anchor excessively under the rules.

Can you put an armlock grip on a normal putter?

It is possible to install a specialized armlock grip designed for belly putters onto a normal-length putter. However, fitting the proper grip that extends low enough to grip the end of the shaft may require extending the overall length of the putter. You need sufficient length in order for the putter to appropriately anchor against your midsection. Armlock grips work best with lengths between 40 to 50 inches rather than standard 34-36 inch putter lengths.

What is the right way for holding a putter?

The proper fundamental grip for any putter is to hold it lightly in your fingers rather than palming it deep into your hands. Use just enough grip pressure to support the weight of the club. Keep wrists soft and relaxed, allowing them to hinge freely during the stroke. Position your hands directly below your shoulder line gripping the club, maintaining good posture and athletic spine angle. Set eyes over the ball with weight balanced evenly between feet. Keep these basics in mind whether using a traditional or unconventional arm lock grip style.

Ending Journey

In conclusion, understanding how to properly hold an arm lock putter is essential for success in the game of golf. The arm lock putter is a unique club that requires a specific technique to achieve optimal performance. To hold an arm lock putter, begin by placing the grip against your lead forearm, with the shaft pointing towards your lead shoulder. Next, firmly grip the putter with your trail hand, making sure to keep both hands parallel to each other. The player should keep the lead arm straight and should position the putter to create a 7-10 degree angle with the ground. This technique allows for a stable and consistent stroke, improving accuracy and control on the putting green. By mastering the proper grip and positioning, golfers can effectively utilize the arm lock putter to enhance their game. 

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