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How to Teach a Woman to Play Golf Tips

If you want to teach a woman to play golf, it is important to start with the basics. Begin by introducing her to the different parts of a golf club, such as the shaft and the various types of clubs used on the course. Next, take her to a driving range where she can practice her swing and become familiar with the different techniques involved in a successful golf swing. The best way to teach a woman to play golf is to provide individualized instruction tailored to her specific needs and abilities.

Once she has mastered the basics, take her to a golf course where she can put her skills to the test. It is important to remember that women golfers have their own unique strengths and challenges, so be sure to provide her with the necessary support and encouragement as she learns the game. With patience and perseverance, any woman can become a skilled and confident golfer with the right lessons and guidance. 

Best Golf Swing Tips for Ladies

In recent years, golf has become an increasingly popular sport among women, and as more and more ladies start playing golf, it’s important to provide them with the best tips for success on the course. Joining women’s groups or junior golfers programs can provide valuable support and resources for female golfers looking to improve their game.

One of the most important tips for women is to focus on developing a proper wrist hinge in their swing, which can significantly improve their overall ball-striking ability. It’s also crucial for female golfers to remember that intimidation has no place on the course – the last thing you want is to let any perceived pressure detract from the enjoyment of the game. With the right approach and guidance, playing golf can be a lot of fun for women of all skill levels. 

Choose the Right Equipment

Getting properly fitted equipment designed for women can make a big difference in both performance and enjoyment of the game. The right clubs adapted to a woman’s swing can give her the best chance to make solid contact with the golf ball.


When selecting clubs, go to a pro shop with her to get professionally fitted irons designed for a woman’s swing with the proper shaft flex, grip size, and club head design. Women tend to have higher swing speeds than men, so ladies’ clubs often have additional flexibility in the shaft. Determine if standard, midsize, or oversized grips feel most comfortable in her hands.

Oversized clubheads on woods and hybrids create a larger sweet spot and make it easier to get the ball airborne. Custom fitted clubs give her the highest chance of hitting accurate and powerful shots right from the beginning.


Standard golf balls designed for men have high compression compared to balls engineered for women’s swings, which feature low 60-80 compression ratings. Low compression golf balls don’t require as much power to achieve distance, so they work better for moderate swing speeds. This allows her to see good length on drives and approach shots, building confidence to keep playing. Choose a ball accordingly to complement her abilities.


Wearing comfortable, stretchy athletic clothing is key, so she can make a fluid golf swing without restriction. Golf skirts, shorts, and shirts made of moisture-wicking performance fabrics will allow freedom of movement to create power from her core through the swing. Layers work well for changing temperatures, and a well-fitted hat provides shade on the course.

Select shoes with soft, spikeless soles for plenty of grip when swinging and flexibility for walking long rounds. Proper women’s golf attire allows her to focus on the game, not what she’s wearing.

Master the Setup

Having the proper stance, grip, and alignment during shot setup is the foundation for executing all golf shots well. Spend plenty of time early on getting these basics engrained.


Her feet should be shoulder width apart to allow stability during the swing, with weight evenly distributed. Have her align open or closed depending on the shape of the hole, where an open stance aims left and a closed stance points right.

Posture should be athletic, with slight knee flex and a straight back to allow coiling on the backswing and clearance on the follow through. Check her position by having her hold a low iron horizontally at her belt to ensure she can make level contact with the ball at that point.


A proper grip promotes wrist hinge and grip pressure through impact. Interlock, overlap, and baseball style grips work well for women. Wrap her hands correctly on the club by setting the handle against her palms diagonally before grasping with her fingers. This promotes a swinging motion powered by the body instead of hands or arms taking over. Remind her to check hand positioning before every shot.


Align the clubface squarely towards the target first before stepping in. Have her lay the shaft across her shoulders to align her feet left or right according to the shot shape. Site down the shaft to pick an intermediate target online with the hole as her swing plane reference. These checkpoints will have her aim to send the ball straight and true toward her goal on every swing.

Dial in the Short Game

Developing strong chipping, pitching, and putting ability early pays huge dividends down the road in scoring ability. These short range shots represent over half of a player’s total strokes, so mastering touch and feel here makes a bigger difference than power or length in other parts of the game.

Chipping and Pitching

Chipping shots travel airborne for short distances before rolling, where pitching shots carry higher and land softer with barely any roll. Start close to the green and have her take half swings using sand or gap wedges to get these shots airborne, landing past an aiming spot before releasing towards the hole. Keep hands and body quiet by staying centered over the ball, letting the loft of the club do the work. Gradually increase swing height and hit longer clubs as technique and judgment improves.


Start by having her get comfortable over the ball, bending appropriately from the hips. Aside from stroking the ball correctly, reading greens effectively gives her the best chance of holing putts. Have her crouch down and sight lines on the green to get a feel for breaks and slope. Mark ball line using a coin placed just behind the ball as an alignment guide.

Take practice strokes matching that line as a checkpoint before stroking putts. This trains her eyes, mind and body to start the ball online and make more steady putting strokes. As lag putting technique develops, she will sink more putts by matching line and speed.

Build Confidence

Through Instruction When teaching golf to women, building up self-assurance and belief is just as important in development as technical skills and practice. You want her feeling totally at ease being herself on the course.

Make it Fun

Keep initial sessions relaxed, friendly and enjoyable by focusing on natural athletic movements she can perform smoothly. Give encouragement as she learns proper technique, no matter the result. Golf is supposed be a lifetime recreation, so fostering her long term appreciation and motivation for the game takes precedence over scoring.

Introduce basic rules, etiquette and player interaction so she becomes comfortable engaging with others on course and at 19th holes after rounds.

Encourage Her Strengths

When women play golf they can actually generate higher clubhead speed than men by utilizing highly efficient rotational movements centered close to their spine. Remind her that she has physical attributes well suited for excelling at golf, centered lower in her athletic frame with more flexibility than male golfers.

Female players can also shape shots intentionally better through finesse, course management and strategy. Identifying and elevating areas she naturally takes to will accelerate development.

Be Her Buddy

Female golfers benefit tremendously from supportive instruction tailored constructively for their abilities, instead of the harsh criticism often common for men. If she experiences bias at clubs, courses or events for her gender, stand up positively so she feels welcome to participate and progress.

Become her advocate so she receives the same opportunities to grow her skills and love of golf as anyone else. As a coach, be the change you wish see in removing barriers for women to joyfully thrive in golf.

Develop Sound Mechanics

Once initial lessons are complete, her equipment dialed in and fundamentals established, the priority becomes developing efficient, balanced golf mechanics she can rely on. Creating sound positions, movements and technique provides power and consistency for her game to blossom at any level.

The Grip

A neutral to strong left hand grip promotes powerful shots that draw towards the target, the preferred ball flight for most golfers. Align her hands diagonally on the club to allow clearing through impact before releasing. Gripping too much in the palms induces flipping, slicing the ball right. Verify grip pressures match between both hands so the clubface returns square. Repeat setup checks so proper hand positioning becomes locked in muscle memory.

The Posture

Good posture facilitates an athletic swing by coiling around a sturdy centered axis. Have her stand tall then tilt from the hips, keeping a straight, balanced spine angle. This places her arms and shoulders on the same incline to swing fully around. Weight should shift slightly towards the instep during the backswing, then into the lead heel on the downswing. This centers her turn behind the golf ball for solid strikes. Check angles are intact by placing alignment sticks across the shoulders and feet.

The Swing Plane

Women generate power efficiently swinging the club low and around the body on the same path each time. Have her rehearse by making smooth, waist high practice swings grooving the correct radius around her core before hitting shots. Tape or place alignment sticks on the ground to guide proper takeaway, backswing and downswing tracks in the beginning. Monitor swing direction stays consistent by viewing from both faces on and down the target line as she rehearses. This builds symmetry into her motion.

Consistency Through Practice

Once decent form is established, consistent practice sessions allow skills to marinate towards mastery. Stick to a regular schedule working on proper technique, without overdoing repetition to avoid bad habits setting in. Mix in games or challenges keeping things fun and engaging while steadily sharpening her skills.

Set Practice Goals

Structure sessions starting with the specific mechanic or skill she wants to improve that day. Is she working on shallowing the downswing, perfecting putting speed or dialing in sand play? Identify weaknesses letting her chart progress. End each session trying to smoothly perform the movements involved to grow trust. Tracking achievements builds confidence along the journey.

Play Varied Games

Integrate fun mini games or contests into range and short game sessions so skills marinate unconsciously. See who can land nearest a target with mid irons or play closest to pin chipping. Striving in a friendly, low pressure environment breds instinct. Base games on breaking personal bests or benchmarks instead of purely scoring so she stays focused on perfecting technique.

As your student becomes more consistent in controlling trajectory, shape and distance, suggest games cultivating those precise shotmaking talents.

Group Lesson on the Course

We are pleased to announce that we will be offering group lessons on the course for women’s clubs who want to learn and improve their golf game. Our goal is to encourage more women to get out on the course, develop consistent golf skills, and enjoy the game of golf. Whether you are a beginner looking for swing thoughts or someone who wants to take their game to the next level, our experienced golf professional will provide the necessary guidance and support.

The group lessons for beginners will cover the basics of the game and help you build a solid foundation to begin playing golf confidently. Our golf professional will work with each participant individually, providing personalized instruction and tips to suit their specific needs. If you want to start playing or improve your game, we encourage you to take advantage of these valuable golf lessons. 


Can a 60 year old woman learn to play golf?

Yes, a 60 year old woman can absolutely learn to play golf. While kids may pick up the game faster, adults can become quite proficient golfers. The key is getting the right instruction to learn proper technique from the beginning. Taking lessons, starting slowly without too many swing thoughts, and not overdoing practice should help a 60 year old progress smoothly.

What is the perfect golf stance for a woman?

The ideal golf stance for a woman keeps the feet about shoulder-width apart, weight balanced evenly on arches. Flex knees slightly for an athletic posture, then tilt forward from the hips without rounding the back. This allows coiling back and through with balance and stability. Ball position varies by club, residing off the left heel for driver, then progresses towards middle as clubs get shorter. Have student check angles by holding an alignment stick across shoulders and beltline.

What is a good drive for a woman golfer?

A well-struck drive going 200 yards straight down the fairway is a great shot for an average female golfer. Longer hitters with faster swing speeds can achieve 225-250 yard drives or more as they improve. Focus on solid ball-first contact, an efficient release and draw flight for best results rather than purely distance.Consistency lands more fairways than pure power off the tee.

How should a woman hold a golf club?

Using an interlocking, overlap or baseball grip, rest the handle diagonally across the fingers and palms of both hands. Proper hand positioning coils the wrists while preventing flipping, characterized by bowed left wrist at impact. The lead hand turns over releasing the club naturally, allowing the right to guide clubface back to square. Pressure matches evenly between hands so the grip leverages the body’s rotation. Verify hands align on plane using an intermediate target line every setup.

Have Fun Watching Her Fall In Love With Golf

Seeing the joy that comes from mastering a sport, being active outdoors and forming lasting memories is the greatest reward as her coach. Encourage ups and downs, celebrate milestones passed together and enjoy watching her passion for golf unfold. The relationships made possible through this wonderful game last lifetimes, just like the lessons learned along the way. Keep perspective positive, instruction supportive and the journey fun, so she takes up golf for good.

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