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How to Use a Putting Mirror | Improving Your Alignment

A putting mirror is a fantastic tool that can help golfers improve their alignment and putting stroke. To use a putting mirror effectively, start by placing it on the ground perpendicular to your target line. Stand directly over the mirror so that you can see your reflection in it. The mirror will provide immediate visual feedback on your alignment. Take note of where your eyes, shoulders, and hips are in relation to the mirror. Are they parallel to the mirror or slightly off?

Adjust your body until they are aligned correctly. Once you have aligned your body properly, practice making strokes with the putter. The mirror will show you if your putter face is square to the target line at impact. If it’s not, adjust your grip or posture until you achieve a square face. In addition to alignment, the putting mirror can also help you with your stroke path.

The mirror has lines that can show you if your stroke is straight back and straight through or if it’s arcing. By practicing with the mirror regularly, you can develop consistent alignment and stroke mechanics. So, if you’re struggling with your putting game, consider investing in a putting mirror and using it as a guide to improve your alignment and stroke. 

What is a Putting Mirror and How to Use a Putting Mirror?

A putting mirror is a training tool used by golfers to help perfect their alignment and aim when putting. It consists of a large circular mirror placed on the ground behind or in front of the golf ball. The mirror reflects an image of the putter head and golf ball back to the player.

When properly aligned, the putter head should be square to the target line and the ball should be positioned in the center of the face at the address. If alignment is off, it will be clearly evident in the reflection. The mirror provides instant visual feedback so you can adjust your setup accordingly before stroking the putt.

Benefits of Using a Putting Mirror

There are several advantages to practicing your putting with a mirror:

  • Improves alignment: A putting mirror instantly highlights any flaws in your setup, aim or stroke path. You can make changes based on the input you receive.
  • Develops muscle memory: Seeing proper alignment reflected in the mirror helps ingrain good setup positions. Practicing often with a mirror will turn proper alignment into muscle memory.
  • Provides confidence: When you repeatedly see the putter face square to the target line in the mirror, it builds confidence in your ability to align properly on the course.
  • Fixes aiming errors: If you have a tendency to aim left or right of the target, a mirror will expose this problem and allow you to correct it.
  • Enhances feel: Using a mirror can help develop your feel for proper alignment by providing constant visual references.

Where to Position the Putting Mirror

The putting mirror can be placed either behind or in front of the ball depending on your preference and the specifics of what you want to work on.

Behind the Ball

Lets you see your entire setup including grip, posture, alignment and ball position. This is good for overall setup evaluation.

Keep your head still since you don’t have to look forward at the mirror after addressing the ball.

In Front of the Ball

  • Excellent for specifically checking aim and clubface alignment at the address.
  • Lets you check that your eyes are directly over the ball.
  • Can practice looking at the mirror after setup to ensure you maintain aim.

Start with the mirror in front of the ball to check alignment fundamentals. Once comfortable, move it behind to refine your complete setup position.

Putting Mirror Drills and Tips for Use

Putting mirror drills is an excellent way to improve your golf putting technique. The mirror reflects your stroke, making any flaws or mistakes in your alignment and posture visible. Focus on keeping your eyes over the ball, ensuring your shoulders are parallel to the target line, and maintaining a square putter face at impact when using a putting mirror. These drills and tips will assist you in developing a more accurate and consistent putting stroke.

Here are some helpful drills and ways to make the most out of your putting mirror practice:

Some Helpful Drills

Check alignment from multiple positions  Stand behind the mirror to mimic your on-course read, then step into your address position to check alignment. Repeat this process from several angles.

Verify square contact Draw lines on your ball and check in the mirror that impact is occurring with the putter face square to those lines.

Stroke straight back and through  Make sure the putterhead travels directly back away from the target line on the backswing and directly through impact to promote a square face.

Refine setup fundamentals  Use the mirror to dial in proper grip, posture, ball position, eye position and foot placement.

Make incremental adjustments  If alignment is off, make small adjustments to aim or setup. Check after each change in the mirror to gauge effects.

Focus on consistency Strive to get your alignment and setup locked in so that each repetition looks identical to the last.

Simulate pressure  Once comfortable, practice your mirror drills with simulated pressure. Keep score, add competition or create consequences to simulate pressure.

Take a photo Have your ideal mirror image photographed. Refer back to this photo when practicing alone to compare your current alignment.

Complement other drills Combine mirror training with other putting drills for a comprehensive practice session. Charge putts, use alignment aids, and spend time on the practice green.

Monitor progress Note setup flaws that the mirror exposes and check regularly to see if they are improving during practice sessions.

Proper Alignment

Having proper alignment is one of the keys to consistency on the greens. A putting mirror is an indispensable training tool that can help golfers identify flaws and ingrain proper setup positions through visual feedback. Following these drills and tips will lead to a purified putting stroke and more confidence over the ball. Keep practicing with your mirror and you’ll be rolling in more putts in no time!

Common Putting Mirror Mistakes to Avoid

While putting mirrors are very effective training aids, some common mistakes can diminish their usefulness. Being aware of these potential errors will help you gain the full benefit from your mirror practice. Here some common mistakes to avoid:

  • Incorrect mirror position Make sure the mirror is aligned perpendicular to your target line. If angled, the reflection can provide false feedback.
  • Moving the mirror For proper muscle memory, ensure the mirror remains fixed as you step into your setup. Don’t move it to the address.
  • Overlooking grip issues A proper grip is essential for square contact. Don’t just check alignment, also verify your grip is consistent.
  • Forgetting ball position Aligning the face is good, but make sure you also center the ball under your eyes in the reflection.
  • Only using the mirror at setup Check your alignment again right before starting the backswing. Alignment can shift after setup.
  • Taking too long Don’t over-analyze tiny discrepancies in the mirror. Set up and stroke the putt within your normal pre-shot routine time.
  • Ignoring other drills Mirror training alone isn’t enough. Complement with other drills and practice on a real putting green.
  • Discounting bad weather issues Wind, rain and other factors affect alignment outdoors. Account for weather when practicing indoors.
  • Not relaxing your gaze Soft eyes provide better alignment. Don’t strain to look at the mirror; just relax your eyes to see the reflection.
  • Practicing improper techniques Don’t ingrain flawed methods. If your current technique is poor, fix it before heavily practicing with a mirror.

By being aware of these potential mistakes, you can maximize the benefits of your putting mirror practice. Use the mirror to verify solid fundamentals, not to over-analyze tiny details. Proper mirror training will pay big dividends on the course.

Using a Putting Mirror Outdoors on the Practice Green

While putting mirrors are most commonly used for indoor training, they can also be very effective when used outdoors on an actual practice green. Here are some tips for taking your mirror training outside:

  • Choose a calm day Wind can distort the mirror’s reflection and reduce its usefulness. Opt for calm conditions.
  • Find a flat location Place the mirror on a smooth, flat section of the practice green for the best reflection.
  • Position carefully Ensure the mirror is perpendicular to your intended start line out on the green.
  • Use tees to secure Tees can secure the mirror edges and prevent them from shifting during the session.
  • Set targets Place alignment rods, balls or other markings at specific distances to aim for just as you would indoors.

With some adjustments like securing the mirror and accounting for lighting and wind, your putting mirror can continue to provide alignment feedback during your full practice routine outdoors.

Troubleshooting Common Putting Mirror Issues

While putting mirrors are generally user-friendly devices, you may encounter occasional technical issues. Here’s how to troubleshoot some common putting mirror problems:

Can’t See Ball or Face in Reflection

  • Adjust mirror angle Rotate the mirror to reduce glare from lighting.
  • Change ball/face positioning  Move set up in relation to the mirror to get the ball/face in view.
  • Alter your height Bend your knees or stand taller to get your eyes into the correct position.
  • Check mirror tilt Ensure the mirror lies completely flat and doesn’t slope down.

Uneven or Distorted Image

  • Verify distance Place the mirror 3-4 feet away for ideal reflection size. Too close distorts the image.
  • Clean the mirror Use glass cleaner to remove dirt, smudges, etc. Imperfections distort the view.
  • Position on a flat surface Make sure the mirror rests on a smooth, flat area without bumps.
  • Adjust mirror angle Eliminate glare by rotating the mirror left or right.

Mirror is Unstable

  • Add weight Place a club, towel or other weight on the mirror frame to hold it steady.
  • Use tees Secure mirror edges with broken tees pushed into the ground.
  • Switch surfaces Move from thick grass to a flatter practice green or mat.
  • Wait for calm conditions Wind can nudge the mirror so pick a calm day.

Reflection Doesn’t Match Actual Shot

  • Check ball/mirror alignment The mirror must be perpendicular to the target line. Realign if needed.
  • Ensure consistent setup Always set balls in same spot relative to the mirror.
  • Make gradual corrections Changes to the setup will cause the reflection to be distorted.

With some simple adjustments and care, you can resolve most common putting mirror issues that arise and continue improving with this valuable training tool. Don’t give up!

How to Choose the Best Putting Mirror

With putting mirrors available in a wide range of sizes, shapes and features, it can be tricky to choose the right model for your needs. Follow these tips when selecting a mirror:

  • Consider size – Larger mirrors provide a bigger reflective surface, while more compact models are highly portable. Choose based on your space and portability needs.
  • Mind the shape – Traditional circular mirrors work well, but rectangular mirrors can more closely mimic a real putting green.
  • Look for adjustability – Models that adjust vertically provide flexibility to fine-tune reflection height.
  • Evaluate materials – Favor more durable metals over cheaper plastics which can warp over time.
  • Assess portability – If travelling to use your mirror, ensure it packs up small and comes with a carrying case.
  • Check for aids – Built-in alignment aids like printed lines or levels can be helpful features.
  • Read customer reviews – Learn from other buyers’ real-world use of a particular mirror model.
  • Consider cost – Putting mirror prices runs the gamut. Decide how much money you’re willing to spend.
  • Think long-term – This training tool should last for years, so invest in a quality mirror even if costs more initially.

Take time to consider which features would most benefit your practice before selecting a putting mirror. An ideal mirror suits your specific training needs and set up space for the best results.

Maintaining Your Putting Mirror for Peak Performance

To get the most out of your putting mirror over many years of use, it’s important to keep the mirror properly maintained. Follow these upkeep tips:

  • Clean regularly – Wipe mirror surface frequently with approved glass cleaner and microfiber cloth.
  • Check for scratches – Periodically inspect closely for tiny scratches which can distort the view. Replace if scratched.
  • Store carefully – Keep mirror covered in bag or case when not in use to prevent damage.
  • Transport securely – Pack the mirror tightly and cushion it in the car or golf bag to avoid shifting.
  • Handle with care – Grip the mirror frame gently when moving to avoid dropping or warping the frame.
  • Keep dry – Never leave the mirror outside in rain or dew which can seep under the edges.
  • Tighten hardware – Ensure fastening bolts and knobs are properly tightened so the mirror doesn’t loosen.
  • Replace protectant – Re-apply anti-glare protectant as directed to maintain optimal reflection quality.
  • Update positioning – Adjust mirror height or angle over time as your setup evolves.
  • Think long term – Consider buying a new mirror every few years to maintain an ideal reflection.

With consistent upkeep and care, your putting mirror will continue providing clear, accurate feedback during practice sessions for many seasons to come.


Perfecting your setup alignment is one of the best ways to achieve more consistent putting results. A putting mirror is an invaluable practice tool that supplies instant visual feedback on your alignment, aim and fundamentals. Place the mirror in front or behind the ball and use it to ingrain ideal positions through repetitive practice. Avoid common mistakes, learn proper mirror drills and take your mirror onto the practice green when possible. With a concerted use of a quality putting mirror during your practice sessions, you can expect a notice able improvement in your putting alignment and overall success on the greens.

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