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How To Use Orange Whip Trainer in Golf

The Orange Whip Trainer is a highly effective tool for improving your golf swing. This training aid is designed to help golfers develop their tempo, timing, and balance, which are crucial aspects of a successful golf swing. To use the Orange Whip Trainer, simply incorporate it into your regular practice routine. The flexible shaft and weighted ball at the end of the trainer help to mimic the feel of a real golf club, allowing you to work on your swing mechanics and build muscle memory.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced golfer, using the Orange Whip Trainer can help to refine your swing and overall game. It is recommended to consult with a professional golf instructor to get the most out of this training aid, as they can provide guidance on how to utilize it effectively for both your long and short game.

By incorporating the Orange Whip Trainer into your training routine, you can make significant improvements to your golf swing and elevate your performance on the course. 

What is the Orange Whip Trainer?

The Orange Whip is a weighted swinging device that resembles a flexible golf club shaft with an orange ball on the end. It was designed to improve:

  • Tempo and rhythm
  • Balance and stability
  • Flexibility and strength
  • Swing plane and path
  • Overall swing consistency

By providing resistance during the swing, it engages muscles to promote increased power while also helping to reinforce proper tempo with its weighted motion. The flexible shaft encourages development of a smoother, more efficient swing arc.

Benefits of Using the Orange Whip Trainer

Regular training with the Orange Whip offers golfers many advantages:

Improves Tempo and Timing

The weighted orange ball at the end provides a smooth momentum that guides you through the ideal tempo of a golf swing. This builds “swing feel” and muscle memory for the proper rhythm and sequencing of a powerful and controlled swing.

Enhances Swing Plane

The flexible shaft encourages you to swing the Orange Whip in the ideal arc plane for an efficient golf swing. This helps ingrain the proper swing path to be more consistent.

Builds Core Strength

Having to control the swinging motion against the weighted resistance of the Orange Whip trainer engages core muscles to develop more strength and stability throughout the swing.

Promotes Flexibility and Balance

The flowing motion of swinging the flexible Orange Whip increases overall flexibility, balance, and athleticism, leading to a smoother swing.

Grooves Proper Mechanics

Repeated practice with the Orange Whip trainer reinforces correct swing positions, transitions, and sequencing for optimal efficiency and power.

How to Use the Orange Whip Trainer

Using the Orange Whip trainer effectively requires following some important guidelines. Here are key tips on how to incorporate it into your practice sessions:

Start Slowly with Partial Swings

When first using the weighted device, begin with small, smooth swings focusing on rhythm and building momentum. Don’t try to swing aggressively too soon.

Progress to Full Swings

Once you have a feel for the tempo and motion, progressively take fuller swings until rotating through a complete swing arc. Let the weight of the device guide you.

Maintain Proper Grip and Stance

Grip the Orange Whip near the end as you would a driver. Stand in your normal golf address position to ingrain proper mechanics.

Swing It Smoothly and Naturally

Allow the Orange Whip to swing you for a flowing, unforced motion. Don’t fight or overly guide the motion. Find a tempo that feels smooth and natural.

Use It Before and After Playing

Swing the Orange Whip before playing to loosen muscles and prime your tempo and timing. After playing, it can help cool down muscles and reinforce your latest swing feels.

Vary the Resistance

To increase resistance, grip down on the shaft which slows the swinging tempo. Gripping lower on the shaft provides less resistance for a quicker tempo.

Focus on Different Swing Elements

Work one aspect at a time like tempo, flexibility, swing plane, footwork, etc. Repeat focused drills to ingrain specific feels and positions.

Drills for Using the Orange Whip

The Orange Whip is most effective when you do targeted drills to focus on improving specific areas of the golf swing. Some great drills to try:

Tempo Training Drills

Swing it in one smooth, continuous motion then immediately repeat to build consistent tempo. Swing while counting a steady rhythm out loud like one-two-three. Have a partner call out top or bottom to practice changing swing tempo Have a metronome set to a certain pace and try to match your swing tempo to it.

Film yourself swinging and review the footage to analyze and improve your consistency. Practice swinging with your eyes closed to focus solely on the feeling and rhythm. Work on your breathing and try to sync it with your swinging tempo for a more fluid motion 

Flexibility Drills

Make smooth, exaggerated half-swings gently extending your arms and torso for a good stretch. Swing the Orange Whip overhead and side-to-side to enhance rotational flexibility.

Plane Drills

Swing with spine tilted away from target to rehearse an inside takeaway. Swing while keeping front arm connected to chest to stay on plane.

Strength and Stability Drills

Swing while standing on one leg to build balance. Perform smooth swings while holding a half squat position to increase resistance Engage your core muscles and focus on a fixed point in front of you to improve stability.
Switch legs and repeat the exercise to work both sides equally. Gradually increase the speed and size of your swings as your balance and strength improve. Incorporate different arm positions and movements to challenge your balance even further. Always maintain control and proper form to avoid injury. 

Walking Swing Drills

Swing the Orange Whip while walking to coordinate upper/lower body motionsTake a swing each time you take a step to connect the motions. This activity can help improve coordination, balance, and rhythm while incorporating a full-body workout. Remember to start with small swings and gradually increase the intensity as you become more comfortable with the movement. It’s also important to maintain proper posture and engage your core muscles to maximize the benefits of this exercise. Enjoy your walk and orange whip swinging! 

Target Swing Drills

Pick targets like trees or markers on the range to swing toward to promote extension. Align Orange Whip to intermediate targets to rehearse the proper swing path.

Tips for Making the Most of the Orange Whip

To maximize the benefits of training with the Orange Whip, keep these tips in mind:

  • Use it year-round to maintain swing tempo and flexibility even during off-season
  • Combine Orange Whip drills with other swing training aids for synergistic benefits
  • Record your Orange Whip practice swings to compare over time
  • If fatigued, limit swings to avoid ingraining poor mechanics
  • Use lighter grip pressure to reduce tension and increase whip action
  • Don’t rush progress; smooth, flowing swings maximizes gains
  • Partner Orange Whip use with proper warm-up and cooldown routines
  • Keep body relaxed and let the Orange Whip guide your swing plane

While the Orange Whip golf swing trainer is simple in concept, diligent, focused practice is vital for meaningful results. Master its use, and you can achieve noticeable improvement in swing consistency, power, and control.


How do you use the orange swing trainer?

To use the Orange Whip trainer, grip the shaft near the end and stand in your normal golf address position. Swing the trainer in a smooth, continuous motion while maintaining good posture and tempo. Start with small swings focusing on rhythm, then progress to fuller swings. Do targeted drills to improve specific areas like flexibility, swing plane, and strength.

Does Orange Whip swing trainer work?

Yes, the Orange Whip is an effective training aid that can help improve swing tempo, flexibility, mechanics, and consistency when used properly. The weighted swinging motion provides resistance to engage muscles and reinforces a smooth, on-plane swing. Many golfers and instructors vouch for noticeable benefits in their swings from regular Orange Whip practice.

How often do you use Orange Whip?

It’s recommended to swing the Orange Whip trainer 10-15 times per practice session, 1-3 times per week for best results. Too much use can lead to overuse injuries. Use it more frequently during the off-season or return from injury. Getting into a routine of using it before and after playing helps ingrain proper swing mechanics.

Does the Orange Whip increase swing speed?

The weighted resistance of the Orange Whip can help increase core strength, stability, and flexibility – all of which contribute to greater clubhead speed. But primarily it aims to build more efficient mechanics for optimal delivery of power, rather than directly boost swing speed like a speed training aid.

Do any pros use Orange Whip?

Yes, many PGA and LPGA tour pros have added the Orange Whip to their training routines, including Tiger Woods, Jim Furyk, Brittany Lincicome, and Bryson DeChambeau. It has become a staple training aid on tour for golf fitness trailers and training studios. Its popularity among top players confirms the benefits.

Conclusion: How To Use Orange Whip Trainer in Golf

At the end, learning how to use the Orange Whip Trainer in golf can significantly improve your game. I have personally experienced great results since I started using this training tool. The Orange Whip Trainer is effective in helping me develop a smooth and consistent swing, as well as improving my overall rhythm and timing. One of the key benefits I have found is how it helps me with my follow-through, allowing me to generate more power and accuracy in my shots.

By incorporating the Orange Whip Trainer into my practice routine, I have seen a noticeable difference in my performance on the course. I highly recommend following the instructions provided on how to use the Orange Whip Trainer in golf, as it has proven to be a valuable asset for players of all skill levels.

With dedication and proper use, I believe this tool can be a game-changer for any golfer looking to enhance their skills. 

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