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Is Golf With Your Friends Crossplay

Are you wondering if golf with your friends crossplay is available for gamers seeking an interactive and dynamic gaming experience? The popular game Golf With Your Friends offers an exciting twist to the traditional game of golf, allowing players to enjoy a fun and challenging round of mini-golf with their friends online. However, when it comes to cross-platform play, it is important to note that Golf With Your Friends does not support cross-platform play between different gaming consoles such as the PS4 and the PS5.

This limitation may disappoint some players who want to play with their friends on different platforms. As we look towards the future of gaming in 2024, there is hope that cross platform play will become more common, especially with the rise of platforms like Google Stadia. Until then, players may need to stick to playing with friends on the same console in Golf With Your Friends.

What is a Cross-play? 

Cross-play is the feature that allows gamers to participate in multiplayer games across various gaming platforms. For instance, in a game like Golf With Your Friends, players on different platforms, such as PC and console, can come together to play and have a enjoyable experience. This cross-platform functionality enhances accessibility and inclusivity in the game, eliminating limitations based on a player’s choice of gaming platform.

It provides an excellent opportunity to connect with friends and share a moment of laughter over a missed shot or a lucky bounce. By enabling crossplay, players can join larger multiplayer pools and easily play together regardless of the platform they use.

Is Golf With Your Friends Crossplay Supported?

Yes, Golf With Your Friends does feature full crossplay support currently. Players on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, PC via Steam, Mobile, and VR can all play with each other simultaneously.

GWYF developer Team17 has enabled crossplay networking in the game since 2020. This allows friends to play together regardless of their platform. As GWYF expands to more systems like the Epic Games Store, PlayStation, etc. crossplay ensures players are unified. Matchmaking and lobbies gather players across consoles and PC for competitive and friendly matches.

How Crossplay Works in Golf With Your Friends

The crossplay functionality in Golf With Your Friends works through the game’s server-based networking and matchmaking capabilities. All platforms connect to the game’s servers and services run by Team17.

This means player lobbies, matches, friends lists, and scoring are synced through the server. When you play GWYF in a multiplayer match, you are connected to other players through the server, not directly to their individual platforms.

This allows Xbox, Switch, PC and mobile players to all compete on the same holes, tracks their shots and scores consistently, and stay together as a party. It creates a unified experience that wouldn’t be possible if the versions were separated by platform.

Playing With Friends on Different Platforms

If you have friends or want to make new ones on other platforms to play Golf With Your Friends with, crossplay support enables exactly that. You can add friends from any supported platform to your in-game friends list and invite them to matches.

GWYF’s matchmaking also utilizes crossplay by default. When you search for an online game, you’ll automatically be matched with players on other platforms to ensure fast matchmaking and full lobbies.

So if you personally play GWYF on Xbox, you can play a round with several Switch players, some PC players, and even mobile. Crossplay support mixes all platforms together for exciting variety in competitive play.

Is Crossplay Required to Play Multiplayer?

An important aspect of GWYF’s crossplay capabilities is that they are completely optional if players wish to disable the feature. If you only wish to play with others on the same platform, you can disable crossplay networking in the game’s settings.

When creating an online lobby or matchmaking, players with crossplay disabled will only be matched together on the same platform.

However, crossplay is enabled by default in Golf With Your Friends and provides the most potential opponents, the fastest matchmaking, and the ability to play with more of your friends list. Disabling crossplay can limit your potential multiplayer accessibility unless you wish to only play with others on the same exact platform.

Crossplay Issues and Troubleshooting

As with any advanced networking functionality like crossplay, there can occasionally be issues getting it working properly. If you are having problems playing cross-platform multiplayer in GWYF, there are a few things to check on your end.

  • Make sure crossplay is enabled in your settings menu. If it is disabled, matches won’t include other platforms.
  • Check your network connection is strong. Crossplay requires a stable online connection, so check for any connection issues on your end disrupting gameplay.
  • Ensure proper port forwarding and NAT settings for your platform to improve connectivity.
  • Restarting your device and game can also help resolve temporary network errors.
  • Double check any platform restrictions on third-party accounts, which are often required to add cross-platform friends.

If issues persist, reach out to GWYF support pages and forums for further troubleshooting help. Checking for game server status updates can also determine if others are experiencing problems.


Is Golf With Your Friends cross-platform play?

Yes, Golf With Your Friends features full crossplay support between Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, PC via Steam, mobile devices, and VR.

Is you play Golf With Your Friends on PC?

Yes, Golf With Your Friends is available on PC through Steam. The PC version is crossplay compatible with other platforms.

Can u play golf with friends on Xbox?

Yes, Golf With Your Friends is available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. The Xbox versions feature crossplay support with other platforms.

Can you play PGA Tour 2K21 crossplay?

No, unfortunately, PGA Tour 2K21 does not currently support crossplay between platforms. You only play with others on the same platform.

Future Crossplay Expansion Hopes

While Golf With Your Friends already delivers full and robust cross-platform play, the developers continue working on improving the experience. Additional platforms like PlayStation aim to receive ports for the game along with crossplay support.

The mobile and eventual VR versions also provide avenues to allow phones and virtual reality headsets to play cross-platform too. Expanding the social experience to more systems furthers Golf With Your Friends’ accessibility and fun with friends no matter their platform.

Crossplay sets Golf With Your Friends apart with its ability to connect players across Xbox consoles, Nintendo Switch, PC storefronts, and mobile. Playing multiplayer on different platforms thanks to strong crossplay capabilities ensures excitement, variety, and reliability in playing with friends.

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