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Mastering the 8 Point Express Putting System in Golf

Mastering the 8 Point Express Putting System in Golf is an essential skill for any serious golfer looking to improve their game. This system, developed by renowned golf instructor David Orr, is a comprehensive approach to putting that focuses on the key elements of a successful putt. By breaking down the putting process into eight specific points, golfers can refine their technique and increase their accuracy on the greens. The 8 Point Express Putting System addresses the importance of alignment, setup, and stroke mechanics, as well as the mental and emotional aspects of putting.

By mastering this system, golfers can gain a deeper understanding of the nuances of putting and ultimately lower their scores on the course. Furthermore, the structured approach of the 8 Point Express Putting System provides players with a clear and systematic method for practicing and improving their putting skills. Whether for amateur or professional golfers, the 8 Point Express Putting System offers a path towards greater consistency and confidence on the greens. Overall, mastering this system can enhance a golfer’s overall performance and contribute to a more successful and enjoyable game. 

Mastering each area results in solid, repeatable putting that transforms those frustrating three-putts into confident one-putts.

What is 8 Point Express Putting System

The 8 Point Express Putting System is a comprehensive guide aimed at improving the putting skills of golfers. This system focuses on eight key points that are crucial for successful putting, including aim, grip, setup, stroke, and rhythm. By breaking down the putting process into these essential components, the system aims to provide golfers with a clear and practical approach to mastering their putting technique. The 8 Point Express Putting System emphasizes the significance of proper alignment, consistent grip pressure, and a smooth stroke to achieve more accurate and controlled putts.

Through its step-by-step approach and detailed explanations, this system offers golfers a structured method to enhance their putting skills and ultimately improve their overall performance on the green. Designed for golfers of all levels, the 8 Point Express Putting System offers a valuable resource for those looking to elevate their game and achieve lower scores on the course. 

Here Are these Steps

To complete this task, it is imperative to follow these steps carefully. For those looking to improve their putting skills in golf, the 8 Point Express Putting System provides a comprehensive step-by-step guide to mastering this aspect of the game. Then, proceed to carefully execute each step in the given order. After completing the task, review and revise as necessary to ensure accuracy and completeness.

Setup: Establishing a Consistent Foundation

The setup forms the base upon which the entire putting stroke is built. With 8 point express putting, the setup begins by finding the proper stance width and alignment. Stand with feet approximately shoulder-width apart, perpendicular to the target line. Position the ball off the instep of the leading foot, keeping it in line with the arches of both feet. Placement in this area promotes an athletic posture that allows the body to pivot naturally. Gripping the putter and bending appropriately from the waist completes the fundamentally sound setup.

Grip: Securely Holding the Putter

Gripping the putter correctly provides control and feel. With 8 point express putting, use a reverse overlap grip by resting the pinky finger of the dominant hand over the space between the index and middle finger of the other hand. Or, utilize the saw method, named for the look created by grasping the putter while rotating the forearms down. Either option works, as long as the putter is held lightly in the fingers without palming, twisting or clenching. This eliminates tension while allowing the shoulders to rotate freely during the stroke.

Posture: Achieving Proper Spinal Alignment

Posture directly impacts balance, rotation and stroke path. 8 point express putting utilizes an athletic posture with the spine aligned at a 45 to 60 degree angle. Bend slightly from the waist, keeping the back and neck straight to create this angle. Arms should hang comfortably from the shoulders without reaching or straining. Maintaining this posture through the motion lets the big muscles properly control the movement. Slouching, standing too upright or hunching over can reduce consistency.

Alignment: Aiming Correctly at the Intended Target

Proper alignment ensures the putter face angles directly at the hole. With 8 point express putting, this begins by positioning the feet and shoulders perpendicular to the target line – the path over which the ball must travel. Focus visually on the hole, then place the putter face behind the ball, aligned with the target line. The shaft should point to the midpoint of the stance. This creates parallel angles between the feet, shoulders and putter face. During the stroke, this alignment transfers the swing path directly towards the hole.

Ball Position: Locating the Ball for Solid Contact

Ball position influences solid contact and directional control. In 8 point express putting, place the ball off the instep of the leading foot, aligned between the arches. This location lets the putter swing straight back and through along the target line. Placing the ball too far forward limits a straight backstroke while putting it too far back inhibits forward swing. The proper position maintains centered contact through an arc-like motion. It also allows the shoulders to rotate freely without manipulation from the wrist or hands.

Motion: Moving the Body for Rhythmic Stroke Tempo

The motion provides rhythm and tempo to propel the ball toward the target smoothly. 8 point express putting utilizes a pendulum like motion centered around the spine angle. Initiating the takeaway with a slight rotation of the shoulders, the arms respond by swinging the putter head straight back a short distance. Then reversing direction, the shoulders rotate the arms forward as the putter contacts the ball and then continues moving toward the hole. This effortless, rhythmic motion maintains tempo and minimizes RANDOM putter face manipulation at impact.

Speed: Matching Pace to Distance for the Correct Break

Matching putt speed to distance enables the ball to roll properly along the target line. In 8 point express putting, longer putts require firmer, brisker strokes to maintain directional integrity. As putts shorten, slowly smooth out the tempo to prevent blasting past the hole. On fast greens, temper aggressiveness to limit too much break or slide. Conversely, bump up the speed a notch to avoid falling short on slower surfaces. Dialing in touch and velocity provides better control to match the speed for an accurate finish.

Mental Game: Developing Feel, Touch and Confidence

Cultivating the mental game fosters feel, touch and self-assurance on the greens. The 8 point express putting system advocates confidence in your read, line and routine while committing fully to the stroke. Trust your eyes and instincts while limiting doubt or hesitation. Expect putts to fall while refraining from decelerating or guiding the ball at impact. Strive to develop a resilient, positive mindset that remains focused in pressure situations. This mental tenacity translates to clutch putting when it matters most.


What is the AimPoint putting method?

The AimPoint putting method is a green-reading system used in golf to accurately determine the break on putts. It utilizes a detailed process of collecting data through charts, visual references, and the player’s own experiences to give precise information on the amount and direction a putt will curve. By accurately reading greens, AimPoint helps dial in exact aim and improve overall putting skill.

How do you feel the slope with AimPoint?

AimPoint incorporates a feel the slope process to determine precisely how many curves exist in a putt using feet and body. Players orient their stance perpendicular to the target line, then angle feet downhill to mimic the slope grade. Bending knees to achieve a level, balanced spine position quantifies steepness, communicating slope feel through the soles and posture. Comparing to chart data gives the exact break percentage.

Does AimPoint use percentages or degrees?

AimPoint measures green breaks using percentages rather than degrees. Through its unique methodology of mapping and documentation, AimPoint generates data files assigning curved values from 0-10% for each green area, where 0% means no break and 10% indicates an extreme 10 inch curve in a 10 foot putt. Break percentages refine aim while feeling tunes speed for optimal results.

How do you use the finger method in putting?

The finger method in putting uses hands and fingers to determine slope direction. Face the target with arms held vertically in front, palms forward. Spread fingers naturally and rotate palms until tension equalizes, indicating an aligned inclination. Project this angle to the ground to identify the break direction while gauging steepness. Compare to AimPoint data for precision and unite the techniques to improve overall green reading capabilities.


In conclusion, gaining proficiency in these 8 critical areas setup, grip, posture, alignment, ball position, motion, speed, and mental approach can result in significantly improved putting. As the shortest clubs in your golf bag, putters have the potential to greatly reduce your scores. By focusing on mastering the fundamentals of the 8-point Express Putting System, those elusive one-putts can become a satisfying reality. Improve your skills on the greens to avoid the frustration of three-putts. Your dedication and perseverance will ultimately pay off with improved touch, feel, and consistency. 

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