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Open Stance Golf Swing For Seniors Golfer A Complete Guide

The Open Stance Golf Swing For Seniors Golfer is a technique that can greatly benefit older players on the golf course. Typically, golfers are taught to use a closed stance, where their feet are parallel to the target line. However, for seniors who may lack flexibility or have physical limitations, using an open stance can provide a more comfortable and effective swing. By slightly opening your stance, you allow for a more natural body rotation during the swing, which can increase power and accuracy.

Additionally, an open stance helps to promote a proper swing path, as it encourages the club to stay on line with the target for longer. This can lead to straighter shots and improved consistency. While some golfers may argue the merits of a square stance, it is worth considering the benefits of an open stance for seniors who may need to adapt their technique due to physical factors. 

Open Stance Golf Swing

The Open Stance Golf Swing is a technique that has gained popularity among golfers looking to improve their golf game. When you swing the golf club, it is crucial to maintain proper form and mechanics. Many golfers struggle to clear their hips during the swing, resulting in inconsistent shots and decreased power. However, the Open Stance Golf Swing helps address this issue by promoting a more natural rotation of the hips.

By adopting a slightly open stance, golfers are able to rotate their hips more freely, enabling a full and powerful release of energy into the golf ball. This technique also helps square the club face at impact, leading to more accurate shots. Implementing the Open Stance Golf Swing requires practice and proper alignment, but once mastered, it can greatly enhance your overall swing and improve your game.

So, if you are looking for the best swing to play golf with, consider giving the Open Stance Golf Swing a try. 

The Open Golf Stance for Seniors

The Open Golf Stance for Seniors is a technique that is widely used in the golf game, especially by many senior golfers. This stance involves positioning your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, with the front foot flared out towards the target line. By adopting this slightly open stance, seniors are able to clear their hips more easily during the swing, which can lead to improved ball flight and accuracy.

The open stance also helps seniors achieve a more rotational swing path, which can generate more power and distance. Additionally, an open stance can aid in correcting certain swing faults, such as slicing or hooking the ball. However, it is important for seniors to remember that the open stance may not be suitable for every golfer and should be tailored to individual preferences and physical capabilities.

Overall, the open golf stance for seniors offers a valuable technique to enhance their golf game, by promoting better hip rotation, swing path, and ultimately, better shots. 

What Is the Best Golf Stance for Seniors?

When it comes to senior golfers, finding the best stance is essential to maximize performance and minimize strain on the body. One option that can greatly benefit seniors is the open stance. Golfing with an open stance involves positioning the feet slightly apart, with the front foot turned slightly outward. This stance offers several advantages for seniors. Firstly, it provides a more stable foundation, allowing for better balance and weight transfer during the swing.

An open stance can help seniors maintain a more efficient swing path and improve their ability to strike the ball accurately. By using a slightly open stance, seniors can also reduce strain on the lower back and hips, which are common areas of discomfort for many older golfers.

Overall, the open stance in golf is a recommended approach for seniors seeking to enhance their game and preserve their physical well-being on the course. 

How does a Senior Golfer Swing?

When it comes to the swing of a senior golfer, there are certain considerations to keep in mind. Firstly, it is important for a senior golfer to assume a square stance. This means that the feet should be shoulder-width apart and parallel to the target line. Additionally, if a senior golfer is struggling with mobility and flexibility, adopting an open stance can be beneficial. The open stance helps create more room for the hips to rotate and allows for a smoother swing.

In terms of golf tips for senior golfers, it is crucial to focus on generating swing speed with efficiency. To do so, it is essential to prioritize clearing the hips during the downswing. By doing this, the golfer can maximize power transfer and ensure proper contact with the ball.

Ultimately, the goal is to hit the ball with precision and accuracy while maintaining a fluid and controlled swing. 

Should I stop a Closed Stance Altogether?

When considering whether to abandon a closed stance in its entirety, one must carefully weigh the pros and cons associated with this particular approach. A closed stance refers to the positioning of one’s feet and body in a way that restricts the range of motion, directing it towards a narrow target line. Proponents of the closed stance highlight its potential benefits, such as increased stability and the ability to generate power. However, it is vital to acknowledge the potential drawbacks of this technique as well. For instance, a closed stance may limit one’s ability to adapt to various shots and may hinder the development of a consistent swing.

Beginners or individuals with physical limitations might find it more challenging to execute a closed stance effectively. Ultimately, the decision to abandon a closed stance altogether should be based on an individual’s skill level, physical abilities, and personal preference.

Experimenting with different stances and seeking guidance from a golf professional or coach can provide valuable insights to determine the most suitable approach for each golfer. 

Know How Much to Open Up Your Stance in Golf

 When it comes to the game of golf, knowing how much to open up your stance is important, especially for seniors. The open stance includes positioning your feet and body slightly angled toward the target, while a slightly closed stance involves having your body and feet angled away from the target. Determining the right amount of openness in your stance can greatly impact your swing and ball flight. To find the perfect balance, it is helpful to analyze your swing using a video.

However, as a general rule, beginners should start with a square stance, where their feet and body are parallel to the target line. From there, they can experiment with different levels of openness to find what works best for their swing. An open stance at address can be advantageous for those looking to hit a fade, as it promotes an outside-to-inside swing path.

On the other hand, a neutral stance is typically recommended for those aiming for a straight ball flight. Ultimately, understanding how much to open up your stance can have a significant impact on your golf performance and help you achieve better results on the course. 

Benefits of the Open Stance for Seniors

One of the benefits of adopting an open stance for seniors in golf is the improvement it brings to their swing. With a closed golf stance, seniors tend to have a steep swing that can result in slicing or hooking the ball. By playing with an open stance, seniors can adjust their swing path and have a better chance of hitting the golf ball straight. This new stance allows seniors to rotate their bodies more effectively during the swing, generating more power and accuracy.

An open stance will help seniors maintain a better balance throughout the swing, reducing the risk of falls or strains. The open stance also offers greater stability and control, enabling seniors to have better control over the direction and trajectory of their shots.

Overall, the adoption of an open stance in golf can greatly benefit seniors by improving their swing mechanics, power, accuracy, balance, and control of the ball. 

There are several advantages to using an open stance as we get older:

Promotes Hip and Shoulder Turn

The wider open stance creates more room for the hips to turn back and through freely. Senior golfers often struggle with hip stiffness, so the open stance makes the backswing and downswing pivot more comfortable.

Similarly, the open shoulder alignment helps create an easy shoulder turn during the backswing. Some seniors with tight chest muscles benefit greatly from the open setup position.

Reduces Lower Back Stress

The closed stance encourages an overly vertical swing plane which requires more lateral bend and torque in the lower back. This can strain the back muscles and cause pain or injury over time.

The open stance promotes a more neutral spine angle through the motion to reduce stress on the lower back. This prevents back injuries and discomfort during the round.

Allows More Arm Extension

The open stance’s side-on position makes it easier to fully extend the arms through impact. This allows senior golfers to maximize their remaining arm speed and flexibility for more driving distance.

Accommodates Limited Mobility

For seniors with some physical limitations, the open stance requires less trunk and lower body rotation during the swing. This helps golfers with modest flexibility restrictions make a fuller swing.

Overall, the open setup makes the entire motion more comfortable and powerful for ageing bodies. Let’s look at how to optimize this stance.

Setting Up the Open Stance

Adopting the open stance takes some practice at first. Here are some tips for getting the proper alignment:

  • Flare front foot out 30-45 degrees from target line
  • Keep rear foot angled slightly inward but comfortable
  • Align hips open to match front foot
  • Rotate shoulders open to match hip alignment
  • Lean shaft forward toward target at address
  • Maintain spine angle and posture throughout swing

Be sure not to over-flare the front foot or overdo the shoulder alignment. Start with a moderate open stance and increase gradually over time.

Initially, the new open setup may feel awkward. Stick with it through several range sessions to become accustomed to the new swing mechanics. An early commitment leads to better long-term results.

When Should You Use An Open Stance?

When it comes to the game of golf, the stance to use can greatly impact the outcome of your swing. One technique that is frequently used is the Open Stance Golf Swing. This involves positioning the body open, with the feet and hips slightly turned towards the target.

By adopting this stance position, the golfer is able to swing the arms and club more freely, allowing for increased power and accuracy. The open stance has been found to be particularly effective when hitting long shots or shots that require a greater turn of the body. 

Golf instruction often emphasizes the importance of learning to swing from an open stance in order to play better golf. In contrast, a closed stance or a square stance, with the body facing directly toward the target, can limit the golfer’s ability to fully rotate the body and get the desired distance and accuracy. Therefore, understanding when to use an open stance is crucial for any serious golfer looking to improve their game. 

Useful Drills for the Open Stance

Here are two simple drills to ingrain good habits into your open stance swing:

Alignment Stick Drill

Place an alignment stick on the ground snugly against outer edge of front foot at address. During the backswing and through impact, focus on keeping the front foot pressed against the stick. This maintains proper foot flare and prevents sliding.

Impact Bag Drill

Make practice swings holding an impact bag or light weight against your chest. Concentrate on keeping the bag/weight pressed firmly into your chest throughout the motion. This engrains a correct body turn and prevents dipping.

With regular rehearsal, these drills make the open stance mechanics automatic.

Putting it All Together

The open stance golf swing allows senior golfers to continue playing the game they love. Follow this step-by-step process to implement it effectively:

  • Begin by flaring front foot open 30-45 degrees at address
  • Match hip and shoulder alignment to front foot
  • Maintain spine angle during backswing
  • Bump hips forward to start downswing
  • Let rear heel lift up through impact
  • Keep weight forward and swing bottom-up
  • Rehearse alignment and impact drills regularly
  • Stick with the adjustment through early awkwardness
  • Allow several weeks to fully adapt

With some commitment and practice, the open stance swing can add longevity, power and consistency to your game for years to come.


How do you set up an open stance in golf swing?

To take an open stance, angle the front foot away from the target line by 30-45 degrees. Make sure the back foot is slightly angled towards the inside. Align the hips in an open position to correspond with the front foot angle. Open the shoulders in line with the hip alignment. Maintain good posture and the proper angle of the spine.

How should seniors swing a golf club?

Senior golfers should focus on making a broad, rotational swing rather than lifting or sliding motions. It is critical to maintain proper posture and spine angle during the backward swing. The forward swing should begin with movement from the lower body. Allow the club to release naturally during the impact phase. After that, finish the swing in a state of equilibrium, facing the intended target.

How do seniors get more distance in golf?

Seniors can increase the distance between themselves and the target by adopting an open posture that allows for arm rotation and extension. It is necessary that they maintain flexibility through targeted stretching and physical activities. Additionally, choosing golf clubs with lighter graphite shafts that offer greater flexibility is advised. Additionally, changes to the length or angle of the clubs should be made in line with their swing. Finally, executing a smooth swing and making solid contact with the golf ball are important.

How can senior golfers increase distance?

Senior golfers should concentrate on mastering the mechanics of the open stance swing in order to increase their distance covered. They should practice drills to increase clubhead speed as well as strength training exercises for their core and legs. It is essential to ensure that the club’s shaft flex and loft are properly fitted. Seniors should also engage in a fitness program to maintain their flexibility. Senior golfers can benefit from a forceful swing that increases driving distance by taking an open stance. They can maximize the distance covered when driving the ball by using proper technique, appropriate equipment, and physical fitness.


The open stance golf swing is an excellent option for senior players looking to improve their ball-striking and maximize their driving power. The open setup promotes a powerful body turn and reduces stress on the back through impact. With an open stance, seniors can continue playing their best golf while accommodating the physical limitations that come with age. Implementing this technique requires adjustments, but by sticking with the process, most golfers can adapt their swing successfully. For seniors hoping to extend their golfing life, the benefits of mastering the open stance swing are certainly worthwhile.

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