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Should You Tip Your Golf Instructor? (2023 Update)

Golf can be a frustrating game, especially when you don’t know how to improve. As a result, many golfers seek the assistance of a professional golf instructor.

The majority of golf instructors are professional players who teach you the game and help you improve. Tipping is customary in any service industry, but does this include your golf instructor?

Should you tip your golf instructor?

You can choose to tip your golf instructor to show your appreciation. However, most people do not anticipate it. A golf instructor is like a teacher or a lawyer.

They all provide a service, but they do not anticipate receiving a tip from their students or clients. Furthermore, because a golf instructor is paid well per hour, they rarely require tips.

There are various golf coaches; some are independent contractors, while others are included with your club membership. Independent contractors typically receive their entire fee.

Instructors who work for the club may be required to pay a percentage of their salary. In either case, both professionals make a good living.

Of course, just because you make a good living does not mean you should not tip your golf instructor if you value their services. Continue reading if you don’t want to miss out on a few of the finer points before tipping your golf coach.

Furthermore, golf instruction online is a convenient and effective way to receive guidance and improve your game.

When Should You Tip Your Golf Instructor? (3 Scenarios)

Just so you know, it’s not really the norm to tip your golf instructor, but here are some scenarios where you might want to consider showing your appreciation.

Performance-Based: When You Are Satisfied With Your Results

Sometimes watching YouTube videos and playing multiple golf games isn’t enough to improve your game. To practice the various techniques of the game, you must be on the ground with a professional.

It is acceptable to tip your golf instructor if you are a beginner and working with an instructor has helped you improve your form and understanding of the game.

Golf instructors, like teachers, enjoy seeing their students improve and become better and more professional players of the game.

If the club or golf course administration permits it

To ensure consistency of service to their club members, some golf clubs have a strict no-tipping policy.

Although employees in the service industry are trained to provide excellent service regardless of tip amount, members who tip more are likely to receive better service than those who tip less.

As a result, it is critical to understand your club’s and any course’s tipping policies. If the club allows you to tip everyone and you are pleased with your instructor’s service, go ahead and reach for your wallet.

How They Really Step Up to Help You Out

Athletes can get stuck in a rut and believe they need to completely overhaul their game. If you’ve been working with an instructor for a while, they might be interested in this and take the time to provide you with as much information as possible.

They may decide to put in extra hours to help you through the process.

When an instructor is genuinely interested in helping you improve as a golfer, it makes sense to tip them. These instructors usually put in more effort simply to see you succeed.

How Much Should You Types Of Golf Swing Technique your Golf Instructor?

Golf Instructor

It is difficult to put a number or limit on voluntarily showing gratitude. Consider rounding up your golf instructor’s fees to include the instructor tip. For example, if you pay $60 for a lesson, you can tip between $10 and $20.

Because pro golf instructors earn more than assistant golf instructors, the amount may fluctuate as the tip improves their financial situation.

Other Ways to Appreciate Your Golf Instructor

Golf Instructor

In simpler terms, here’s the deal: If your boss doesn’t give the green light for tipping, things could get pretty weird, and you shouldn’t feel obligated to slip your instructor some cash. But don’t fret, there are alternative ways to show your appreciation.

1. Refer Other Golfers to Your Golf Instructor

The best way to express gratitude to your golf instructor is to help them earn more money by introducing them to potential clients. Begin with the people you play with. If everyone compliments you on your game, include your instructor’s name and contact information.

You don’t have to spend any money on word of mouth, but it can help your instructor’s client base grow significantly. Furthermore, this will demonstrate to your golf instructor that you value and enjoy their services.

Another way to promote your golf instructor is to leave positive feedback and testimonials on their personal or club website. As a club may have more than one instructor, make sure to include their name when writing the review. 

2. Invite them to a golf outing.

Golf instructors spend the majority of their time on the golf course instructing other players. They sometimes want to play the game, and they can when you invite them to one. They will enjoy the game more if it is on a new course that they have never taught before.

Golf game invitations are a unique way to express gratitude to your instructor for working with you. It is best not to bring up your golf game during these invitations because it may ruin the mood. Allow your instructor to enjoy the game and get to know them better instead.

3. Invite them to social gatherings.

Some golf instructors have moved to work on a specific course. Inviting them to social events is an excellent way for them to meet and socialize with other golfers. Such opportunities are more valuable than the $10 tip you will give them at the end of a lesson.

As a golfer, you are aware that there are more people on the golf course than just golf instructors. A golf course’s staff is likely to include the following individuals:

  • Valet service or bag drop
  • Attendants of locker rooms
  • Forecaddies Caddies
  • Rangers starters
  • Attendants on beverage carts

The staff listed above will be the ones you interact with the most, and some will impress you enough to leave a tip. As a result, don’t be afraid to bring some extra cash with you when you go to the golf course.

Is Tipping Golf Instructors Standard Practice?

Golf Instructor

Tipping any service provider is optional, including golf instructors. However, tipping is fairly standard practice at higher-end golf courses and with more experienced instructors.

According to one survey, over 70% of golfers report tipping their club pros at least occasionally. The most common tip amount is 10-20% of the lesson cost. Golf professionals may come to expect tips as part of their compensation, especially if they depend on lesson income.

However, it’s important to note that tipping practices can vary greatly by region, club, and golfer. There are no hard rules. Golfers should tip based on what they value and can afford.

Why You Should Consider Tipping Your Golf Pro

Golf Instructor

Here are some of the main reasons to tip your golf instructor, if you are satisfied with their services:

  • Show appreciation for their time and expertise – Like waiters or hair stylists, golf pros work hard to provide a skilled service. Tips recognize this effort and knowledge.
  • Supplement income from lessons – Golf professionals invest in their education and training. However, lesson fees alone may not cover the cost or provide a livable wage. Tips help boost their income.
  • Reward exceptional service – Above-average instruction and advice deserves above-average gratitude. Generous tips reward pro golfers for going the extra mile.
  • Encourage ongoing service – Tips show golf instructors that you value their time and instruction. This makes them more likely to continue providing great service.
  • Gain goodwill – Tipping builds goodwill and positive relationships between golfers and instructors. It enhances the overall country club experience.

In short, tips allow golfers to tangibly recognize the value instructors provide in improving golf skills and enjoyment of the game.

When You Should Not Tip Your Golf Instructor

Golf Instructor

On the other hand, there are some cases when tips for golf pros may not be warranted:

  • You are not satisfied with the lesson or instruction provided
  • The instructor seemed rude, rushed, or did not listen to your needs
  • You received a free introductory lesson
  • You are a junior or beginner golfer
  • Finances are very tight

The bottom line is you should only tip if you feel the instructor earned it through their attentiveness, knowledge, and coaching. Never feel obligated to tip a subpar or standoffish golf pro.

What Is the Standard Golf Instructor Tip Amount?

Golf Instructor

If you decide to tip your golf pro, what is an appropriate tip amount? Here are some general guidelines on standard tipping for golf lessons:

  • 10-20% of the lesson price – This is the typical range for tipping a satisfactory golf lesson. So a $100 lesson could warrant a $10-20 tip.
  • $10-30 per hour of instruction – For private full swing and short game lessons, plan on $10-30 per hour. More for exceptional service.
  • $10-20 for a quick range session – Short tune-up or range lessons may merit $10-20.
  • 20%+ for remarkable service – Feel free to tip 20% or more for golf pros who go above and beyond expectations.
  • $50-100 for a full series – For a set of lessons (5-10 sessions), consider an end tip of $50-100.

Keep the instructor’s experience level in mind. Top instructors at premier clubs often charge $150+ per hour. 20% tips on these expensive lessons would be very generous.

Tip Etiquette: When and How to Tip Your Golf Pro

Golf Instructor

Proper golf tipping etiquette helps ensure your tips are perceived appropriately:

  • Tip in cash – Cash tips let golf instructors avoid credit card fees and taxes. Discreetly place cash in an envelope or shake their hand.
  • Tip at the end of the last lesson – It’s best to tip after you’ve received the full instruction and service. This allows you to gauge your satisfaction.
  • Hand directly to the pro – Don’t leave cash on the counter or cart. Discreetly hand to the instructor to prevent awkwardness or theft.
  • Tip assistants separately – If you worked with an assistant pro, consider a smaller tip for them separately.
  • Avoid peak lesson hours – Don’t tip during busy lesson times when the pro must transition to other students.
  • Mention if tipping in advance – If unavoidable, say you included an additional tip so they know to expect it.
  • Send a thank you note – Pair your tip with a thank you card reiterating your appreciation.

Simply withholding tips for unsatisfactory service can be enough feedback. No need to vocalize frustrations.

Alternatives If You Prefer Not to Tip

Golf Instructor

Rest assured there are other ways to show your gratitude if you prefer not to tip your golf instructor:

  • Write a positive review online to help promote their instruction business.
  • Tell the club management how much you enjoy and benefit from the golf pro’s lessons.
  • Send a thoughtful thank you card expressing your appreciation.
  • Offer to provide a testimonial or referral to help attract new students.
  • Give a small gift like golf balls, tees, or a gift card.
  • Offer to buy the golf pro a drink or snack from the club grill after a lesson.
  • Be respectful of their time and schedule. Arrive promptly for lessons ready to learn.
  • Purchase packages of lessons upfront to provide more financial stability.

Showing your gratitude and respect goes a long way, with or without tips.

Key Takeaways on Tipping Your Golf Instructor

Golf tips

To recap, here are some key points on whether and how to tip your golf pro:

  • While optional, tipping golf instructors is standard practice at many clubs, especially for private lessons.
  • Typical tips range from 10-20% of the lesson cost or $10-30 per hour of instruction.
  • Only tip if you are fully satisfied with the services received. Avoid tipping for unsatisfactory instruction.
  • Cash tips at the end of a complete series of lessons are ideal to convey discreet gratitude.
  • Alternatives like reviews, referrals, and small gifts also show appreciation if you prefer not to tip.
  • Clear communication and respect for the golf pro’s time go hand in hand with appropriate tipping practices.

Remember, any tip should come from a place of sincere gratitude, never obligation. With the right golf instructor, your improved swing and lower scores will be thanks enough!


How do you tip golf?

There are a few common tipping etiquettes in golf:

  • Tip the caddie 10-20% of the caddie fee in cash at the end of the round. For an exceptional caddie, tip 20-50%.
  • Tip the golf cart attendant $5-10 per round.
  • Tip the bag handling staff $5-10 for unloading your clubs and cleaning your gear.
  • Tip the locker room attendant $2-5 if they clean your clubs or golf shoes.
  • Tip the golf instructor 10-20% of the lesson fee in cash at the end lesson series.

How much do you tip a golf driver?

For a golf cart attendant who stages your cart, it is typical to tip $5-10 per round or per day. Tips may be higher at upscale private clubs. If the attendant provides exceptional service, such as cleaning your clubs or driver, tipping up to $20 is more appropriate.

What is a tip in golf?

In golf, a tip refers to gratuity money given to various service staff like caddies, cart attendants, locker room assistants, and golf instructors. Tips show appreciation for good service and supplement earnings. Standard tip amounts are 10-20% of the service fee, but vary based on specific circumstances. On the course, only tip in cash directly to the provider, not the club.


Tipping your golf instructor is ultimately a personal decision that comes down to your satisfaction, budget, and golf club norms. While not mandatory, tipping is a great way to tangibly express your gratitude and appreciation for the invaluable service golf pros provide. With the right instructor, a few extra dollars are a small price to pay for better golf skills and more enjoyment on the course. But even if you prefer not to tip, kindness, respect and positive feedback will still be deeply valued. Your improved game will be the biggest reward for any golf pro worth their salt.

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