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One Ball For All Golf Shots

Whose Position of One Ball For All Golf Shots

The debate as to whose position of one ball for all golf shots is the most effective has been ongoing for years in the golfing community. Some people say that you should position the ball in the same spot for all shots, whether you’re …


easy ways to hit a low golf

Some Important and Easy Ways to Hit a Low Golf

Having the skill to hit a low golf shot can provide an advantage on multiple holes. Golfers have a range of methods for achieving this. To start, placing the ball farther back in the stance can be helpful because it increases loft and keeps …


clean your golf balls

How to Clean Your Golf Balls to Make It Brand New

Fill the bucket with warm water up to the halfway point. You could substitute vinegar with bleach or ammonia. Soak the golf balls in the solution for about 20-30 minutes. Drain the bucket and use a pressure washer to clean your golf balls. There’s …