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What Putter Length Do I Need?

When considering what putter length one needs, it is important to take into account various factors in order to ensure the best possible fit for one’s game. The first step in determining the correct putter length is to measure the putter, making sure to take into account the player’s height and posture. It is also crucial to consider the type of putting stroke one possesses, whether it be a straight-back, straight-through or arcing stroke. Putter fitting professionals can provide valuable insight into the right putter length for an individual, as they can pinpoint any discrepancies between the standard length and the correct length needed.

While a standard putter is typically 35 inches in length, some players may benefit from a shorter putter if they are of shorter stature or have a more upright posture. Ultimately, finding the correct putter length is essential for achieving consistency and accuracy on the greens, and investing in a putter fitting session can greatly aid in this endeavor. 

How to Measure Putter Length Correctly

When it comes to measuring putter length correctly, it is essential to consider the individual golfer’s height and stance. A standard putter length is typically around 34-35 inches, but this may not be suitable for every golfer. To ensure the proper putter length, it is important to assess the golfer’s posture and grip on their current putter. The golfer should stand naturally with their arms hanging down, and the putter should rest comfortably on the ground.

The length should allow for a comfortable posture and the correct angle to address the golf ball. If the putter is too long, the golfer may struggle with accuracy and control, while a shorter putter could lead to poor posture and inconsistency. To measure putter length, hold the club with a conventional grip and let it lay flat on the ground. The grip end should reach just below the top of the kneecap. By considering these factors, the golfer can determine the appropriate length of putter for their game. 

How to check for your correct putter length

How Putter Length Impacts Performance

What length putter you need can significantly impact several aspects of your putting performance. The length of your putter determines your stance and how upright you stand over the ball. It also impacts the arc of your putting stroke and controls how easily you can take the clubhead back and through impact. Selecting the right length is crucial for developing solid mechanics and touch on the greens. The correct putter length helps you consistently return the clubface to square at impact to start the ball on your intended target line.

Determining Your Ideal Putter Length

No universally perfect putter length works for all golfers. The ideal putter length varies from player to player based on factors like height, arm length, and putting mechanics. However, there are some general guidelines you can follow to narrow your ideal length down. Here are the main methods of determining what length putter you need:

Wrist-to-Floor Method

The wrist-to-floor method is the most common way to determine your starting point for putter length. To use this method, stand upright with your arms hanging normally at your sides. Measure the distance between the floor and the crease of your wrist. This measurement in inches will give you a baseline putter length to work with.

Players with longer wrist-to-floor measurements generally need longer putters to accommodate their bigger frames and wider stances. Shorter players typically utilize shorter putter lengths to fit their smaller stances and avoid too much bend at address.

Custom Fitting

For the most accurate determination of what length putter you need, schedule a custom fitting with a PGA professional. Using high-tech launch monitors and motion sensors, a certified club fitter can analyze your exact putting mechanics, impact conditions, and consistency results with various lengths. This data takes the guesswork out of selecting your ideal putter length.

Getting custom fit for the right putter length increases your chances of choosing a length that optimizes your eye alignment, posture, ball position, and ability to control distance. Expect costs between $50-$100 per hour for this specialized fitting analysis.

Players vs. Belly Length

In terms of categories of putter lengths, there are generally two ranges to consider:

  • Player’s Length: 32 to 35 inches
  • Belly Length: 40 to 43 inches

Player’s length putters allow players to utilize a traditional, upright putting stance with eyes positioned directly over the ball. Belly length putters anchor the grip into the stomach area and require a wider stance. Determine the length that gives you the most consistent swing path and solid impact.

Factors That Impact Ideal Putter Length

When it comes to golf equipment, the proper length of your putter is crucial for your game. Factors such as measuring your putter length, the length of any club in your golf bag, and using a putter that is too short can impact your putting performance. It’s important to measure your putter length and make adjustments if necessary, or consider investing in a custom putter tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

Arm Length and Hand Size

The anthropometrics of your arms and hands influence what length putter gives you the most control. Golfers with naturally longer arms can typically use longer putters with additional weight. Players with smaller hand sizes often need short putters to grip down adequately. Testing different hand positions and grip styles can also help dial this in.

Height and Body Frame

Your overall height and proportions determine how upright you stand and how far you reach to the ground. Shorter golfers generally need shorter putters around 32-34 inches. Tall players with bigger body frames normally utilize longer putters in the 34-36 inch range. Find the length that allows you to stand taller at address rather than crouched over.

Putting Stance and Ball Position

To gauge the appropriate putter length, pay attention to the width of your putting stance and the placement of the ball at the address. Golfers who stand with their feet closer together and the ball positioned forward favor shorter putters around 33 inches. Wider stances and back ball positions usually correlate best with slightly longer putter lengths.

Arc and Length of Putting Stroke

The overall length and arc path that feels most natural also impact the ideal putter length. Golfers with straight back and straight-through strokes can handle longer putters to widen the arc. Players who shape more curvature in their path or take the putter back inside favor shorter lengths for better control.

Adjusting Length Based on Consistency

Once you establish your starting point for putter length, the next step is testing whether small adjustments up or down improve your consistency. This involves extended practice sessions hitting putts with the same stroke type. If your impact and accuracy results deteriorate, adjust back the opposite direction.

The Pros of Finding Your Correct Length

When you nail down your ideal putter length, several advantages emerge:

  • Increased consistency controlling angle of attack and impact conditions
  • Improved alignment and posture
  • Solid footwork utilizing optimal stance width and ball position
  • More reliability in judging swing path and distance
  • Better torque resistance during off-center mishits
  • Clear feedback differentiating stroke errors vs. poor equipment fit issues

Ruling out sub-optimal putter length as a constant excuse improves accountability within your putting practice and reaffirms technique flaws to address.


How do I know what length putter I need?

Use the wrist-to-floor method to get your baseline measurement. Fine-tune based on your stance width, arc length, and consistency results during practice sessions.

What size putter should a 5’11 man use?

A 34-35 inch putter would be suitable for a man of average height at 5’11”. Use your wrist-to-floor length as a starting point and adjust as needed.

What length putter does Rory McIlroy use?

Rory McIlroy uses a 34.5 inch Odyssey White Hot XG Blade putter, giving him stability but still allowing for a flowing stroke. McIlroy is approximately 5’10” for height reference.


Take the guesswork out of what length putter you need. Dialing in your ideal specifications gives you every chance to master your preferred putting mechanics and lower scores. Trust the guidelines and commit the necessary practice time to get it right. Over the long term, your improved putting proficiency will thank you.

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