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Where should the ball position for a driver when Hitting a driver

When hitting a driver, the ball position is crucial for achieving the desired ball flight and distance. The ideal position for the golf ball when using a driver is far forward in the stance, just inside the left heel for right-handed golfers. Placing the ball in this position allows for a sweeping motion through impact, maximizing the distance and trajectory of the shot.

By hitting the ball on the upswing, golfers can achieve a higher ball flight and more distance off the tee. It is important to remember that the ball position for the driver is different from other clubs in the bag, as it is the only club where the goal is to hit the ball on the upswing.

By paying close attention to the ball position and making adjustments as necessary, golfers can effectively optimize their driver swing and performance on the course. 

How to Determine the Best Ball Position for Drivers

ball position

Setting up the ideal ball position with the driver is crucial for achieving longer drives and better control over your shots on the golf course. To ensure the correct position, start by placing the ball off your left heel (for right-handed golfers) or slightly forward in your stance. This will allow you to make solid contact with the ball and achieve a more optimal launch angle.

When establishing your golf stance, make sure your feet are shoulder-width apart, with your weight evenly distributed and your body aligned with the target. During the takeaway, focus on maintaining a stable body position and keeping the clubhead on a proper swing path.

Positioning the ball in the middle of your stance can also help in achieving a more consistent impact and ball flight. As part of your driver setup, pay close attention to the ball’s position and its relationship to your stance, as this can greatly affect the outcome of your shots. By consistently practicing and fine-tuning your ball position with the driver, you can optimize your performance and excel in your golf game. 

Find Your Ball Position

In golf, finding the correct ball position is important for achieving consistent and effective shots. Whether it’s the position for irons or the correct placement for your driver, understanding the importance of ball position can greatly impact your game. For irons, a good starting point is to have the ball off your left heel if you are right-handed and off your right heel if you are left-handed. When it comes to taking your driver, positioning the ball forward in your stance can help maximize your swing speed and distance. 

It is recommended to consult instructional golf videos or seek professional golf tips in order to perfect your ball position. The correct golf ball position can lead to better contact with the ball and ultimately improve your overall performance.

Understanding the proper golf ball position for each club in your bag is essential for achieving a consistent and effective swing. Practice and dedication to finding the correct golf ball position will result in a more enjoyable and successful golf game. 

Golf Stance For Irons

When setting up your golf stance for iron shots, it is crucial to consider several factors in order to achieve the desired ball flight and distance. The angle of attack, or the trajectory at which the club head strikes the ball, greatly influences the result of the shot. To ensure a proper angle of attack, it is essential to position the ball in the appropriate place in relation to the rest of the body.

The weight of the club and the position from which you swing it also play a crucial role in determining the direction and distance of the shot. For a solid iron shot, it is recommended to stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, with the ball positioned in the center of your stance. This set-up ensures that the club can hit the ball straight and at the ideal angle in order to achieve the desired distance.

Moreover, in order to hit up on the ball and generate more height, placing the ball slightly forward in your stance can be beneficial. It is important to note that these principles can differ when using a driver, as the ball position for this club is typically further forward in the stance to achieve the desired launch angle and distance. 

General Guidelines for Ball Position with Driver

The general recommendation for ball position with a driver is to play it off the inside of your left heel (for right-handed golfers). This inside heel position allows your body to turn fully on the backswing and downswing. It also encourages an upward angle of attack into the ball, which promotes high launch and low spin for maximum distance.

Here are some guidelines to follow:

  • Place the ball in line with the inside of your lead foot, approximately 1-3 inches inside your left heel if you are right-handed. Reduce this distance slightly if you have a slower swing speed.
  • Those with a more upright or outside-to-inside swing path may benefit from moving the ball slightly forward of this standard position.
  • Keeping the ball forward in your stance encourages a sweeping, descending blow for lower trajectory shots into the wind.
  • Play the ball back slightly, nearer your mid-stance, to hit controlled draws or high fades.
  • Generally, a centered to slightly forward ball position is best for tee shots, while a centered to back position works for shots from the fairway or rough.

Ball Position Factors and Adjustments

While the inside left heel position works for most players, you may need to fine tune your ball position based on factors like your body shape and type of shot you want to hit. Here are some considerations:

Swing Path

Golfers who swing the club outside-to-in may move the ball position slightly forward at address. This makes it easier to deliver the clubhead from the inside. Players with a flatter, more rounded swing should use the standard ball position.

Body Shape and Size

If you are tall or have long arms, move the ball back slightly to prevent overreaching. Shorter players may prefer the ball more forward in their stance. Those with a stronger lower body may also benefit from forward pressuring the ball.

Intended Shot Shape

Adjust ball position to promote different shot shapes. A forward position encourages a descending blow for low shots. Playing the ball back helps with high draws and fades. Move the ball towards your back foot when you need extra loft.

Wind Conditions

On windy days, you can move the ball forward to compress it and keep the trajectory low. When hitting into strong headwinds, use a forward press or ball position to prevent the shot from ballooning.

Playing from Different Lies

Adjust ball position based on if you are teeing off, hitting from the fairway or rough, or playing an uphill or downhill shot. Generally, use a more forward position on tight lies and move it back from tee boxes or downhill slopes.

Swing Speed

Faster swingers can play the ball slightly forward to optimize compression on the downswing. Slower swing speeds benefit from a centered to back ball position.

Swing Mechanics and Angle of Attack

Steep swingers who tend to hit down and take divots should position the ball forward to allow room for their steep angle of attack. Shallow swingers need to play the ball back in their stance.

Maintaining Consistent Ball Position

Once you find your optimal ball position for the driver, you need to ingrain it into your setup and swing. Be sure to:

  • Make an alignment rod or other aid to mark your ideal ball position in your stance. Use this at the range and course.
  • Place the ball then set your feet, rather than the reverse. Align your body to the ball target line.
  • Take practice swings observing if the club contacts the ground in the proper spot. Realign as needed.
  • Maintain good posture and balance at the address. Don’t reach or strain to make contact.
  • Use pre-shot routines to verify alignment and ball position before every drive.
  • Develop swing feels and motions that account for your specific ball position.
  • Groove ball position consistency by varying practice situations – different lies, wind, shot shapes, etc.

Proper ball position can add distance and consistency to your driver shots. Understanding the guidelines and dialing in your optimal position through practice is key for improvement. Consistently placing the ball in the same spot will soon become automatic by ingraining it into your setup routine. Mastering ball position is one of the keys to maximizing your power and control with the driver.


Where do you put the ball in stance for a driver?

For most golfers, the ball position for driver should be just inside the left heel (for right handers). This inside heel position allows for proper weight transfer and an upward angle of attack into the ball. It promotes high launch and low spin for maximum distance.

Where should the ball be in your stance to hit a draw?

To hit a draw, the ball should be positioned slightly back of center in your stance, closer to your back foot. This ball position encourages the clubface to be open relative to the swing path, creating draw spin. Just be sure weight is still centered, not hung back.

Where should a 7 iron be in your stance?

A good guideline for a 7 iron ball position is middle to slightly back of center in your stance. A neutral mid-stance position allows you to compress the ball cleanly. Move it back a couple inches to promote a higher trajectory for attacking longer approach shots.

Where do you aim when hitting a draw?

Aim a few yards left of your target when hitting a draw shot. This right-to-left ball flight will start out slightly left of your aim before curving back to the target. The amount left depends on how much draw curve you want to create. Aim only slightly left for a gentle draw.


When considering the optimal ball position for your driver, it is important to take into account the specific characteristics of the club and its impact on your swing. By hanging back and adjusting your ball position depending on the club, you can effectively hit longer drives and achieve the desired impact position. The ball position for your driver should be further forward in your stance compared to other clubs, allowing for a more effective launch angle and increased distance.

Finding the right ball position for your driver can also affect your ability to hit the ball high, which is crucial for certain course conditions and obstacles. By experimenting with different ball positions, golfers can fine-tune their swing and ultimately improve their overall performance. It is important to remember that the ball position for your driver should be carefully considered and adjusted based on individual factors such as swing speed, body type, and swing mechanics.

By honing in on the most effective ball position, golfers can enhance their driving accuracy and distance, ultimately improving their game. 

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