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Who Makes Kirkland Golf Balls: A Comprehensive Guide

Kirkland golf balls are manufactured by a company that is closely linked to Costco, a popular warehouse club known for offering a variety of products at affordable prices. These Kirkland signature golf balls have gained popularity among golfers.

Looking for a quality ball without the high price tag associated with other premium options like the pro v1 from Titleist. By offering a budget golf ball that performs comparably to more expensive Titleist golf balls, Costco is making golf more accessible to a wider range of players.

The Kirkland golf balls are designed as premium golf balls that rival other top brands in the golf industry. Manufactured as three-piece golf balls, they offer the performance and feel that serious golfers expect from their golf equipment.

While Costco sells golf clubs and other gear, the Kirkland signature golf ball has become a standout product for the company, appealing to golfers who want a quality ball at a reasonable price.

History of Kirkland Golf Balls

Kirkland golf ball are a product of Costco Wholesale Corporation, the renowned membership-only warehouse club. Costco has been offering Kirkland golf balls since the early 2000s, and they have quickly become one of the company’s most successful private-label products.

Kirkland golf balls were initially manufactured by various golf ball manufacturers who makes kirkland golf balls, but in recent years, Costco has partnered with a specific manufacturer to ensure consistent quality and performance.

The Manufacturer Behind Kirkland Golf Balls

While Costco closely guards the manufacturer’s identity behind Kirkland golf balls, industry insiders and enthusiasts have speculated about the company responsible for producing these popular golf balls. Many believe that the manufacturer is Qingdao SM Parker, a reputable golf ball manufacturer based in China that makes Kirkland golf balls.

This company has a long history of producing high-quality golf balls for various brands and is known for its advanced manufacturing processes and strict quality control measures.

Golf Ball Manufacturing Process

Golf balls are generally designed to provide optimal performance for players of all skill levels. The manufacturing process of a premium ball typically involves multiple layers, with the outer layer or cover playing a crucial role in the ball’s performance. Many manufacturers, such as Nassau Golf, produce 4-piece golf balls with a urethane cover to enhance durability and spin rate.

The manufacturing process of Kirkland golf balls is a complex and highly regulated affair. It typically involves several stages, including core production, mantle and cover molding, painting, and final inspection. The core, which is the innermost layer of the golf ball, is made from a synthetic rubber compound and is responsible for the ball’s compression and initial velocity.

Quality Control and Performance

Manufacturers Kirkland Golf is known for its high-quality golf balls that are designed to provide excellent performance on the course. Costco manufactures the balls and are always subjected to rigorous quality control measures to ensure that they meet the highest standards. With features such as high spin and urethane golf balls, these golf balls offer players the ability to achieve greater distance and accuracy off the tee.

Costco places a strong emphasis on quality control when it comes to Kirkland golf balls. The manufacturing process is closely monitored, and each batch of golf balls undergoes rigorous testing to ensure consistency and adherence to strict performance standards. Kirkland golf balls are designed to offer a combination of distance, spin, and feel that appeals to a wide range of golfers who makes kirkland golf balls.

Does Costco Sell Golf Clubs?

Costco is known for selling a wide range of sports equipment, including golf clubs. However, when it comes to golf balls, Costco is particularly popular for its Kirkland brand. Costco manufactures Kirkland golf balls that are highly regarded by amateur golfers for their soft feel and ability to enhance swing speed. T

he manufacturer of Kirkland golf balls ensures that the balls are always of high quality, comparable to top brands like Titleist. So, if you are in need of golf balls, Costco is definitely worth checking out for their excellent selection.

Are Costco Golf Balls the Same as Titleist?

While Costco’s Kirkland Signature golf balls have gained a reputation for offering exceptional value and performance, they are not the same as golf balls manufactured by premium brands like Titleist who makes kirkland golf balls. Titleist is a well-established and highly regarded golf equipment company known for their cutting-edge technology, meticulous manufacturing processes, and commitment to producing top-of-the-line golf balls.

While the manufacturer behind Kirkland Signature golf balls remains unconfirmed. It is widely believed to be a reputable company that specializes in producing high-quality golf balls at a more affordable price point. However, the materials, construction methods, and proprietary technologies used by Titleist.

And other premium golf ball manufacturers are likely different from those employed in the production of Kirkland Signature golf balls. As a result, golfers can expect varying levels of performance, feel, and overall playing characteristics between Kirkland golf balls and those from premium brands like Titleist who makes kirkland golf balls.

Tournament Schedule Chart

For golfers who enjoy playing in tournaments or simply tracking the progress of professional players, here’s a sample tournament schedule chart:

Masters TournamentApril 6-9Augusta, Georgia
PGA ChampionshipMay 18-21Rochester, New York
U.S. OpenJune 15-18Los Angeles, California
The Open ChampionshipJuly 20-23St Andrews, Scotland
FedEx Cup PlayoffsAugust 10-27Various Locations
Ryder CupSeptember 29 – October 1Rome, Italy

This chart provides an overview of some of the major golf tournaments taking place throughout the year, including their dates and locations who makes kirkland golf balls. Golfers and fans can use this information to plan their viewing schedules or follow the progress of their favorite players.


Where are Kirkland golf balls made?

Kirkland golf balls are widely believed to be manufactured by Qingdao SM Parker, a reputable golf ball company based in China.

Why is TaylorMade suing Kirkland?

TaylorMade sued Costco, alleging that certain Kirkland Signature golf ball models infringed on TaylorMade’s patents related to golf ball design and construction.

Who does Launch Technologies make golf balls for?

Launch Technologies, based in Vietnam, manufactures golf balls for brands like Maxfli, Top-Flite, and some Callaway models under contract manufacturing agreements.


Kirkland golf balls have carved out a unique niche in the golf equipment market, offering exceptional value and performance at an affordable price point. While the exact manufacturer behind these golf balls remains a closely guarded secret, the consistent quality and performance of Kirkland golf balls speak volumes about the expertise and dedication of the manufacturer who makes kirkland golf balls. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or just starting out, Kirkland golf balls are definitely worth considering for your next round on the course.

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