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Improve Your Golf Shoulder Turn with These 5 Golf Stretches

A full shoulder turn is crucial for generating power and distance in your golf swing. Limited shoulder mobility and tightness in the muscles can restrict your ability to make a complete backswing and follow through. This leads to a loss of distance and control in your shots.

The solution is to do specific golf stretches and exercises to increase your shoulder flexibility and rotation. In this article, we will look at 5 excellent golf stretches that target the muscles involved in the shoulder turn. Doing these stretches regularly will allow you to make a fuller shoulder turn and add yards to your drives.

Shoulder Flexibility and the Golf Swing

Before we get into the stretches, let’s look at how shoulder flexibility affects the golf swing. On the backswing, you need to be able to turn your shoulders at least 90 degrees to coil up your upper body. This creates the stored power needed to unwind forcefully into the downswing.

Tight chest, shoulder and back muscles will limit how far you can turn back. This reduces your rotation and leads to a shorter swing with less power. Poor posture can also inhibit how much you can turn your shoulders on the backswing.

So golf stretches that improve shoulder flexibility are essential. Let’s look at 5 simple but effective stretches any golfer can do before a round to increase shoulder mobility.

Overhead Arm Clasps

This stretch targets the lats, chest, and front shoulder muscles that can limit a full shoulder turn:

  • Stand upright with arms extended straight overhead, palms together.
  • Clasp your hands tightly and turn palms inside out to feel a stretch in your chest and front shoulders.
  • Hold for 20-30 seconds, breathing deeply.
  • Turn palms out again and hold for another 20-30 seconds.
  • Repeat 2-3 times.

The overhead reach engages the tight chest and shoulder muscles so you can stretch them effectively. This is an excellent warm-up exercise to open up the front of your shoulders for a bigger shoulder turn.

Corner Doorway Stretch

Doorframe stretches open up the front of the shoulders wonderfully:

  • Stand in a doorway with your left arm extended straight out at shoulder height, left hand on the door frame.
  • Keep your body facing straight ahead – do not turn towards the door frame.
  • Gently rotate your torso away from the door frame to feel a stretch in your left shoulder and chest for 20-30 seconds.
  • Switch to stretch your right shoulder and repeat.
  • Do 2-3 reps on each side.

This simple stretch can be done anywhere and helps expand tight chest muscles. The key is using proper form – staying tall and avoiding leaning your body. This targets the stretch perfectly on your chest and front shoulders.

Seated Bent-Over Rear Fly

This move stretches the back of the shoulders effectively:

  • Sit on a bench or chair with feet planted on the floor hip-width apart. Hinge forward at your hips to fold your torso over your legs.
  • Let your arms hang straight down under your shoulders, palms facing in.
  • Initiate the move by raising your arms straight out to your sides, reaching back as far as you can.
  • Hold the stretched position for 20-30 seconds. Repeat 2-3 times.

Bending over relaxes the back muscles so you can stretch them more fully. Done regularly, this simple move will help open up your back shoulder muscles to improve rotation.

Standing Cross-Body Shoulder Stretch

This targets the tricky shoulder capsule effectively:

  • Stand upright with your right arm crossed in front of your chest, bent at the elbow.
  • Grab your right elbow with your left hand and gently pull on your right elbow towards your left shoulder.
  • Hold the stretch for 20-30 seconds and repeat on the other side.
  • Do 2-3 reps per side.

This forces the shoulder capsule into internal and external rotation, allowing you to stretch it through its full range of motion. This can free up rotational restrictions.

Towel Shoulder Stretch

This stretch uses a towel to open the shoulders and upper back:

  • Hold a towel behind your back with both hands, wide grip.
  • Raise your arms overhead and allow the towel to gently pull your shoulders back.
  • Hold for 20-30 seconds breathing deeply and focusing on opening up your chest.
  • Release and repeat 2-3 times.

The towel provides tension through the shoulders and thoracic spine to stretch and create mobility. This helps counteract the rounded shoulders many golfers have from over-practice.

Perform These Stretches Regularly

Be sure to perform these 5 golf stretches regularly, especially before a round of golf. Take your time and move into each stretch gently until you feel tension – do not bounce or force the stretch. Stretching the shoulders 2-3 times a week will help maintain and improve flexibility over time.

The increased shoulder turn these stretches provide will lead to more distance and control. A full shoulder coil on the backswing stores massive power potential for the downswing. Practice the stretches above and you will be impressed with your added yards on the course.


How do I increase my shoulder flexibility in golf?

So, you want to improve your shoulders flexibility in golf? No worries, I’ve got your back! First things first, start with some simple stretching exercises. Stand straight and slowly raise your arms out to the side, keeping them at shoulder height. Hold this position for about 10 seconds and repeat a few times. Another great stretch is to extend one arm straight in front of you and use the opposite hand to gently pull it across your body, feeling the stretch in your shoulder.

How do I get more turns in my backswing?

So, I’ve been working on my golf swing and I’ve noticed that I need to get more turns in my backswing. Any tips on how to do that? I feel like I’m not getting the full potential out of my swing because I’m not rotating my body enough. I’ve tried watching videos and getting advice from my buddies, but I’m still struggling. Maybe I need to focus on my flexibility and try some stretching exercises before I hit the course. Or maybe I just need to loosen up and not be so stiff during my swing. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


A restricted shoulder turn due to inflexibility hampers every golfer’s performance and enjoyment of the game. By doing a simple shoulders stretching routine, you can gain mobility in the muscles affecting your rotation.

The 5 golf stretches covered target key areas like the chest, front shoulders, back shoulders, and shoulders capsules. Perform them regularly before you play and anytime your shoulders feel tight. The increased flexibility will make your swing feel looser and more powerful.

Use these effective stretches to unlock a greater shoulders turn. You’ll be amazed at how a little added rotation gives you effortless yards off the tee and precision into greens.

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