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How To Start Backswing With Shoulders Turn

We all enjoy this game’s flexibility because it allows us to play it our own way.

Even when you watch a professional in a competition, they are still having fun playing the game the way they do it best.

There isn’t a perfect golf swing or way to play the game, in actuality.

As a result, trying something new in your game can improve your overall game and help you improve the effectiveness of your shoulders in the backswing.

We have all the details you require if you believe that starting a backswing with shoulders might be a smart move.

Let’s examine why many golfers find that starting their backswing with the shoulders is a wise choice.


This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to start  backswing with shoulders.

Once you master this technique, it shouldn’t be difficult to repeat it, and you’ll notice a difference in your golf game right away.


The right setup is crucial whether you start backswing with your head, hips, shoulders, or hands.

Consider the club you are holding and adjust your swing accordingly depending on whether it is a driver, fairway wood, iron, etc.

  • You must get your body in the right position and be prepared to swing the golf club in order to get the right setup.
  • So many golfers fail to align their feet, hips, and shoulders.
  • This is very confusing and will also affect the swing plane.

Read up on the ideal golf setup and use a mirror to check that you are in the right position before each swing.

Once you are aware of how a solid setup feels, you ought to be able to consistently reproduce it.


When you are about to take start a backswing with shoulders, your weight needs to be evenly distributed.

  • Your weight should be evenly distributed between your left and right feet and between the front and back of each foot.
  • It’s acceptable to start out with a little extra weight on your right foot if you have trouble shifting your weight during your swing.
  • For the majority of players, we advise a more balanced strategy, though.

It is safe to proceed to the next step once your weight is balanced and you feel like you are in an athletic setup.


Too-tight grips are known to cause golfers to take the club back with their hands and wrists.

The hands can feel like they contribute far too much to the game because of the grip pressure.

Unfortunately, this will result in less-than-appealing golf shots.

  • Instead, you should adopt a neutral grip while applying minimal pressure.
  • All body parts have an equal chance to participate in the swing when using this grip.
  • When the grip is relaxed, you can begin your swing by turning more effectively and letting the hands and arms move in the right direction.
  • You should not have an excessively tight or loose grip.

This may have an effect on how the club moves during your backswing.

Starting Movement

The takeaway is where your backswing will begin if you want to initiate it with your shoulders.

There are varying views on how to feel this motion in your swing, but it seems like the left shoulder is the better area to pay attention to.

If your chin and head are at the right angles as you prepare to hit the ball, you will be able to turn and get the shoulder to fit under the chin.

Fitting the left shoulder under the chin is the first step for a golfer practicing starting their backswing with their shoulders.

  • Try not to be concerned with what the club head or your hands are doing.
  • You shouldn’t have any trouble getting the shoulder to fit under the chin properly if you are doing this correctly.
  • Your swing will also be more likely to stay on plane if your weight is shifting and your core begins to turn as your shoulders do.

Some of the bigger muscles used in the golf swing are those in your shoulders.

Golfers’ consistency greatly increases when they use their bigger muscles.


You can begin incorporating the other muscles and movements in your golf swing once your shoulders are turning the way they should.

There may still be other moving parts even though you begin the swing with your shoulders.

  • As the rest of the swing and weight transfer need to be in place, starting the backswing with your shoulder is just the beginning.
  • To follow your shoulders into the backswing, your hips will have to turn.
  • Additionally, hip turning is crucial because it is what will bring the shoulders into the impact position.
  • It’s not a good idea to begin a downswing with the shoulders because it won’t produce enough force.

It is acceptable to start a backswing with shoulders, but the downswing must begin with the hip turning in the direction of the target.

Always check to see that your entire body is contributing to your swing and that your shoulders are not taking the entire lead.

Practice drills

It’s a good idea to put these fundamentals to practice now that you know how to start backswing with shoulders.

  • Working on your short game is one of the best exercises and methods to practice beginning the backswing with the shoulders.
  • Remember that the short game is a scaled-down version of the long game when playing golf.
  • When you practice chipping and pitching, you can work on things like the takeaway because it will help you with the full swing.
  • In full swing, the motion will remain the same.
  • Take a bucket of golf balls and practice pitching and chipping from 25 to 50 yards.

Start off by tucking your shoulder under your chin for each of these shots.

As these are only short shots, you want to make sure that you don’t start wrapping the club around your body too much.

  • Golfers occasionally discover luck when they practice this takeaway motion with their legs close together.
  • When you start making much smaller swings with less rotation, golf can sometimes appear to be simpler.
  • We enjoy the exercise of practicing a new idea while standing with your feet together.
  • Even though you won’t get the same performance and distance, you’ll still get plenty of what you need to be successful.

Overall, you will quickly sense what you need to have the shoulder leading the way when your stance is closer together and you can make this turn.


It’s great to have the knowledge and abilities required to start backswing with shoulders, but is it the right move for your game?

Golfers frequently question whether such swing modifications make sense because there are so many different ways to play the game and swing the club.

Starting your backswing with your shoulders could be a significant change in your swing.

However, there are a few advantages to this kind of swing that are worthwhile taking into account.


You must use the larger muscles in your golf swing in order to maintain consistency in your game.

Golfers who try to hit the ball with their hands, arms, or wrists will notice that they experience both very good and very bad days.

Finding consistency in your game can be challenging, but the more your shoulders and core are engaged, the better.

This is a swing change and a move that you may want to think about for your game if you are a player who frequently shoots 90 one day and 105 the next.


Do you want your golf shots to travel farther?

Of course, the majority of people will respond emphatically “yes” to this query.

The closer you can get to the cup and into it, the quicker you can get the ball there.The shoulders are very powerful, so using them in the swing at the beginning of the takeaway will significantly improve the power you can generate in your play.

You will see a decline in your scores as the power level improves.

It will be difficult to match the distance and performance as long as you can manage this added power.


The shoulders can aid a player in developing a better swing tempo because they involve some larger muscles. The swing tempo is more concerned with control and how the swing comes together than it is with the speed of the golfer’s swing.

Engage your shoulders and encourage them to take a more active role in leading this swing if you want to increase your tempo.


Don’t give up after deciding that starting your golf swing with your shoulders is not the best sequence for you.

You must continue to incorporate your shoulders into your swing. Make sure you are getting good rotation by watching how your shoulders move during your swing. It’s a good idea to watch professional golfers to observe how they swing the club.

Most likely, they are using some significant shoulder turns to produce power and improve tempo golf swing.


This instruction manual aims to help you backswing your shoulders as effectively as possible.

For long-term improvement, adding a solid shoulder turn to your swing is still essential.

Golfers must decide their level of dedication to the game and the particular areas they are willing to focus on in order to see improvement.

Although starting the golf swing with the shoulders isn’t the only way to play, a large majority of players unquestionably believe that doing so is a wise choice.

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