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How to Measure Putter Length Complete Guide

To determine the proper length for a putter, it is important to consider the individual’s putting stance and putting stroke. To measure the length of a putter, one can use a tape measure and measure from the sole of the club to the top of the grip. It is important to ensure that the right putter length allows the individual to maintain a comfortable and balanced putting stance, as well as to execute a smooth putting stroke.

Additionally, the length of the putter should be suitable to the individual’s height and posture. The lie angle of the putter head should also be taken into consideration during the measurement process. There are available charts and resources on putter fitting that can assist in determining the appropriate putter length for an individual’s golf game. By taking the necessary measurements and considerations, one can ensure the proper fit and alignment for their putter, thereby enhancing their overall putting performance. 

Why Does Putter Length Matter?

The proper length of a putter is of utmost importance for any golfer looking to improve their game. The length of the putter affects the golfer’s ability to consistently strike the ball in the center of the clubface, known as the toe of the putter. When the correct putter length is determined for an individual golfer, they are more likely to make a consistent stroke and achieve better results on the green. It is important to measure putter length correctly, ensuring the distance from the sole of the putter to the golfer’s wrist is the appropriate length.

This is typically done in centimeters, with variations depending on the height and posture of the golfer. In addition to determining the proper length of the putter, the shaft of the club also plays a crucial role in the overall performance. Therefore, understanding and adjusting the length putter is a key factor in optimizing a golfer’s equipment and ultimately improving their game. 

Your One-Stop Guide to Measure Putter Length

When it comes to choosing the appropriate length putter for your game, it is essential to consult a fitter who can assess your stance and posture. They will recommend a putter length that matches the specific dynamics of your stroke and body mechanics. The correct putter length can make all the difference in your game, so it is crucial to measure the putter from the sole to the toe of the putter, usually in centimeters, to ensure you have the recommended putter for your needs.

Take Your Arm Span Measurement

The first step in learning how to measure putter length is to measure your arm span. Stand with your arms stretched out parallel to the ground. Have another person measure the length between the tip of one middle finger, across your shoulders/chest, to the tip of the other middle finger. This arm span measurement can serve as a starting point for determining the right putter length for you. Generally, your putter length should be about equal to your arm span measurement.

Measure From Floor to Hands

Another way to get started in determining your ideal putter length is to stand in your normal putting stance with the putter held out in front of you and measure from the floor to the end of the putter grip. For most people, this floor-to-hands measurement is also very close to their proper putter length. Make sure when taking this measurement that you stand with your eyes directly over the golf ball in your normal putting stance.

Grip Down to Determine Length

You can also experiment with “grip down” on a putter to help determine what length feels most comfortable. Take your usual putting stance while gripping down on the putter’s shaft – this will shorten the length of the putter. If gripping down allows you to assume a better posture, improve shoulder and wrist alignment, and make smoother strokes, it likely means a shorter putter length is right for you. Gripping down can help you zero in on your ideal putter length before having a putter shortened.

Work with a Certified Club Fitter

Consulting and working directly with a PGA certified club fitter is the best way to truly dial in your proper putter length. A club fitting professional will have you assume your putting stance while they analyze elements like your posture, eye position relative to the ball, arm hang, and wrist alignment to recommend the optimal putter length. They can also have you take strokes with putter lengths ranging from short to long to analyze factors like consistency, distance control, and how the ball rolls off the face.

Get Measured for Custom Fitting

Many club fitters can measure you for a fully custom putter that is built specifically for your body type and putting mechanics. Getting a custom fit for a tailored putter length takes the guess work out and is the gold standard for determining the right length. The putter fitting session will measure various parts of your body and set it up to design the ideal putter for you. Expect to pay around $300 or more for a fully customized putter.

Length Based on Putting Style

Putter length can vary somewhat based on your dominant putting style. Golfers who use a straight back and straight through stroke tend to do well with a putter length equal to or very close to their arm span measurement. Archer style putters who bring the club inside on the backstroke typically use a slightly longer putter. And “pop” style putters who accelerate through impact may prefer an extra long putter. Evaluating your natural putting style can provide another clue about what putter length will work best for you.

Match Length to Stance Width

When figuring out proper putter length, also consider the width of your putting stance. Golfers who stand relatively narrow may do better with a shorter putter, while those with a wider base can control a longer length. Make some strokes in your normal stance with various putter lengths to see if there is any correlation between your stance width and ideal putter length for consistent contact. Generally, those with a narrower stance will use a shorter putter.

Considerations for Tall/Short Golfers

Much like other golf clubs, typical guidelines around proper putter length are based on a player of average height. So golfers who are much taller or shorter than the “average” player may need to make some adjustments. Significantly taller players may need the length of their putter to be longer than simply matching their arm span. And conversely, considerably shorter players could use a length shorter than their arm span. Work with a club fitter to account for atypical height.

Length and Lie Angle Connection

When figuring out putter length, also pay attention to the lie angle of the putter. Lie angle and putter length work together in fitting your putter properly. As you adjust one of these specs, you may need to tweak the other as well to find the right combination for proper alignment, consistent impact and optimal performance. Be sure to understand how adjusting the length can influence ideal lie angle.

Consider Adjustability Features

When selecting a putter, it is essential to consider adjustability features to ensure optimal performance on the green. If the putter is too long or too short, it can significantly impact your putting stroke and accuracy. To avoid this, calculate the ideal length based on your height and posture, as a standard length may not be suitable for everyone. Measuring your putter and letting your arms hang naturally can help determine the proper length for you. When making your selection, consider adjustability features to customize the putter to your specific needs and preferences for an improved and more comfortable putting experience.


How do I know if my putter is too long?

If your posture is too upright, your shoulders are tense, or you have difficulty taking the putter back straight.

What size putter should a 5’11 man use?

Around 33-34 inches, equal to approximately arm span.

What is the average length of a men’s putter?

The average putter length for men is 33-35 inches.

How do they fit you for a putter?

By measuring arm span and analyzing your setup, address position, and stroke to determine the ideal length.

How do I know my putter size?

Your proper putter size generally matches your arm span measurement from the middle finger tip to the middle finger tip.

Get Proper Length for Consistent Stroke

The overall goal in determining how to measure putter length is finding the right length for you to deliver consistent pace, solid impact and reliable distance control on your strokes. A putter that is too long or short can negatively influence your setup, posture and ability to swing the putterhead on the proper path. So carefully experiment with the tips above until your putting stroke feels repeatable with predictable results.

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