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The Netflix Golf Cup: A Unique Mixing of Entertainment and Sport

The Netflix Golf Cup signifies a unique mixing of entertainment and sport, bringing together the world of professional golf and the entertainment industry. This is the first-ever Netflix Cup, an event that aims to merge the excitement of the PGA Tour with the global reach of streaming giant, Netflix. The event, to be held at the prestigious Wynn Golf Club, has generated significant buzz within the industry, attracting golf enthusiasts and entertainment aficionados alike.

The inaugural Netflix Cup promises to offer a fresh perspective on the sport, leveraging the success of Netflix’s Drive to Survive series, which has garnered a large following of Formula 1 fans. By blending the competitive nature of golf with the storytelling prowess of Netflix, this event has the potential to revolutionize the way golf is consumed and experienced. With the shimmering lights of the Las Vegas strip as the backdrop, the Netflix Cup is set to showcase the glamour and excitement of professional golf in a way that has never been seen before. 

Structure and Participants

The inaugural Netflix Golf Cup was held in 2018 as a one-day exhibition event at the iconic Pebble Beach Golf Links course in California. While modeled after a traditional pro-am golf tournament, the Netflix Cup featured several unique aspects geared toward entertainment and accessibility:

  • 8 teams of one PGA Tour professional and one Netflix actor/comedian/personality
  • Modified alternate shot format to level the playing field
  • On-course challenges and competitions for charity donations
  • Live streaming and commentary aimed at casual viewing fans

Well-known PGA golfers who participated in the early events included stars like Dustin Johnson, Rickie Fowler, Bryson DeChambeau, and Tony Finau. Netflix sent popular celebrities from shows like Fuller House, Ozark, Stranger Things, and Grace & Frankie. The eclectic mix of athletes and entertainers led to hilarious moments and unexpected golf shots throughout the tournament.

What are the pairings for The Netflix Cup?

The tournament will feature four teams of one Formula One driver and one PGA Tour professional each playing an eight-hole match. The Netflix Cup will be played in two matches, with each match featuring two pairs of athletes. The winners of Match 1 and Match 2 will then compete in a final playoff to win the Netflix Cup.

Match 1

Lando Norris and Rickie Fowler of McLaren Racing will compete against Carlos Sainz and Justin Thomas of Scuderia Ferrari.


Match 2

Alex Albon of Williams Racing and Max Homa will be facing off against Pierre Gasly of BWT Alpine F1 Team and Tony Finau. Finau will be stepping in for Collin Morikawa, who had to withdraw from the match due to injury. Despite his absence from the match, Morikawa will still be making an appearance during The Netflix Cup live broadcast.

Netflix Golf Cup

Expanding Scope and Popularity

Given the receptive response to the Netflix Golf Cup concept, organizers decided to expand it into a multi-event series with a season-long points race. The schedule now includes Tour stops at courses across North America, mirroring regular PGA events. The 2023 Cup will visit sites like Pebble Beach, Pinehurst, Bay Hill, and Firestone.

The field size has grown to around 50 two-person teams, drawing from Netflix’s expanding content library. New cast members from hit shows like Wednesday, Squid Game, and Cobra Kai have joined the friendly team competition. As the series has gained traction among golf, TV, and general pop culture fans, sponsors like Grey Goose, Audi, and American Express have signed on to back the events.

Coverage of the Netflix Golf Cup reaches millions through live streams and packaged highlights on Netflix’s and PGA’s digital channels. Short-form video clips also spread virally on TikTok and YouTube. Mainstream sports media outlets have taken notice as well, dedicating segments to the Cup during golf tournament broadcasts.

Golf and Netflix Synergies

On the surface, golf and Netflix may seem an unlikely pairing. But the Netflix Golf Cup reveals shared strengths between the two that make the crossover successful:

Star power: Professional golf and Netflix shows rely on standout stars to attract invested audiences across demographic lines. Names like Rory McIlroy or Jordan Spieth can anchor a golf telecast, just as Millie Bobby Brown or Jennifer Aniston draw viewers to a Netflix series. Blending these talents creates a doubled-star effect.

Storytelling: Netflix develops compelling story arcs across its programs, while golf broadcasts frame players’ backstories and tournament narratives. The Netflix Golf Cup provides a fun narrative of rivals teaming up for charity and surprise performances unfolding.

Global reach: Golf has expanded internationally over recent decades, now boasting a diverse worldwide fanbase. Similarly, Netflix distributes content globally, tailoring its offerings to regional tastes. Together they bring a cosmopolitan sensibility to the Cup events.

Relatability: For all their fame, top golfers and actors maintain an aspirational yet down-to-earth appeal that makes fans feel connected. The Netflix Cup’s amateur-pro pairings and off-course antics humanize both sides through shared laughs and embarrassing flubs.

Charity and Community Outreach

Charity and community outreach are vital components of corporate social responsibility, and many organizations are actively engaged in philanthropic efforts to address social issues. In the world of sports, professional athletes also play a significant role in giving back to their communities and supporting various charitable causes. The Netflix Golf Cup, a charity golf tournament organized by Thomas and Sainz, saw the participation of acclaimed athletes such as Justin Thomas, Carlos Sainz, and Alex Albon of Williams. This event brought together elite golfers and Formula 1 drivers for a friendly yet competitive matchup on the golf course, with the primary objective of raising funds for community outreach initiatives.

Additionally, notable figures like Pierre Gasly and comedian Bert Kreischer joined forces in this noble endeavor, contributing to the success of the event. The full swing of philanthropy was evident as these athletes and celebrities demonstrated their commitment to making a positive impact on society. These individuals support worthy causes and set a commendable example through charity and community outreach.

Future Evolution

Halfway through its sixth season in 2023, the Netflix Golf Cup has solidified itself as a staple crossover event in sports entertainment culture. Its continuing mission will be evolving the format and presentation to keep fans engaged year after year.

Some possibilities that may emerge in the future include:

  • Team draft with captain selections rather than pre-set pairings
  • Expanded skills challenges and side competitions
  • Additional tiers with past champions, media celebrities, etc.
  • Spectator voting, team hashtags, and digital engagement on stream
  • Global qualifying events to send international reps to the main Cup

Regardless of precise direction, the Netflix Golf Cup will undoubtedly continue seeking innovative ways to intertwine entertainment, sports, philanthropy, and fandom. By embracing this bridging of worlds, the tournament has carved out a unique space in an overcrowded sports landscape. With ever-growing viewer and participant enthusiasm, the sky’s the limit for golf’s crossover with Netflix.


What was the Netflix Cup?

The Netflix Cup was a global competition organized by Netflix to improve the accuracy of its recommendation system. The competition was open to data scientists and researchers from around the world, who were challenged to develop algorithms that could predict user ratings for movies based on their previous activity and interactions with the platform. The competition aimed to bring together the brightest minds in data science and machine learning to help Netflix deliver more personalized and relevant recommendations to its users.

The Netflix Cup was a pro-am golf tournament that paired PGA Tour pros with Netflix celebrities. It started in 2018 as a one-day event and expanded into a season-long series with multiple tournament stops.

How can I watch Cup Golf on Netflix?

The Netflix Golf Cup is live-streamed and offers on-demand highlights on Netflix and PGA Tour channels. Short clips are shared on Netflix social media as well.

Who played in the Netflix Cup?

Pros like Dustin Johnson, Rickie Fowler, and Tony Finau teamed up with Netflix stars from shows like Fuller House, Ozark, and Stranger Things. The field now includes over 50 two-person teams.

Where is the Netflix Cup?

The Cup tournaments happen at renowned North American golf courses like Pebble Beach, Pinehurst, Bay Hill, and more. We may add international qualifying events in the future.

How long is the Netflix Cup?

The Netflix Golf Cup season spans spring to fall with 8 to 10 one-day tournaments at various courses. The points race culminates in a season-ending championship event.

Conclusion: The Netflix Golf Cup

The Netflix Golf Cup has come to a successful conclusion, marking a significant milestone as the first live sports event produced by the streaming giant. The event, with top golfers, celebrities, and athletes, gained attention and praise. Notable participants included Pierre Gasly of BWT Alpine, Max Homa, and Alex Albon, among others. The tournament’s unique format and star-studded lineup, which included appearances from Scuderia Ferrari, made for an engaging and competitive atmosphere.

Charismatic Kay Adams expertly hosted the coverage, providing insightful commentary and interviews throughout the competition. The Netflix Golf Cup showcased both high-quality live sports and global audience attraction. With the success of this inaugural event, the future certainly looks promising for Netflix’s venture into live sports programming. 

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