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The Exciting Game of Bingo Bango Bongo Golf and How to Play

The game of bingo bango bongo golf is an enjoyable and strategic golf betting game that adds an element of competition and excitement to the game of golf. In this game, three points are awarded on each hole: for being the first player in the group to have their golf ball on the green, for having the ball closest to the pin once all balls are on the green, and for being the first player to put their ball in the hole. This game allows for players of varying skill levels to compete on a level playing field, as the handicap of each player can be taken into account when awarding points. 

Bingo Bango Bongo is an excellent way to make the game of golf more interactive and enjoyable for all participants. By incorporating this fun golf game into their regular play, golfers can add an extra layer of competition and camaraderie to their rounds. 

What is Bingo Bango Bongo Golf?

Bingo bango bongo golf is a team-based golf game where three different scoring systems are used on each hole – bingo, bango, and bongo. Players earn points by being the first in their group to get their ball on the green for bingo, closest to the pin once everyone reaches the green for bango, and first to hole out their ball for bongo. The team aspect adds exhilarating competition, as teams work together strategically to outscore their opponents.

How Play Bingo Bango Bongo Golf Betting Game

To play Bingo Bango Bongo, a popular and fun golf betting game, players must use a points-based system to determine the winner. The game is played over 18 holes and the goal is to play your best and earn the most points. On each hole, there are three points up for grabs:

  • The first point, known as Bingo goes to the player whose ball is closest to the hole once all balls are on the green. 
  • The second point Bango is awarded to the player whose ball is the first to be holed. 
  • The third point Bongo is won by the player with the lowest score on the hole. 

Double points are available on the last hole to add an element of excitement to the game. As the game progresses, the player’s score is tallied based on their performance, with points being awarded or deducted accordingly. This points-based game encourages players to focus on their own game while also adding an element of friendly competition as they vie to win the most points on each hole. 

Bingo Bango Bongo Golf Rules and Scoring

When playing bingo bango bongo golf, there are a few key rules and scoring formats that everyone needs to understand:

Bingo Rules

The first player in a group to hit their ball onto the green wins the “bingo” point for that hole. It does not matter how many strokes it took the player to reach the green. The bingo rules make it crucial to use the right strategy and aim for the green regardless of hazards.

Bango Rules

Once all players have reached the putting green, whoever’s ball is closest to the hole wins the “bango” point. This encourages precision iron shots and approach shots. Players typically place a marker beside their ball once on the green to allow easy measurement for the bango.

Bongo Rules

The first player in the group to hole out their ball wins the “bongo” point. This keeps competition fierce all the way until the ball reaches the bottom of the cup. Making putts first under pressure is key for earning bongos.


On each hole, a player can win zero, one, two, or three points if they win bingo, bango, and bongo. Typically, the points format is 1 point for bingo, 1 point for bango, and 2 points for bingo. The first team to an agreed upon point total, often between 50 and 100 points, wins the match.

Bingo Bango Bongo Strategies to Win

To come out on top in a competitive match of bingo bango bongo golf, teams need to collaborate and have strategies for winning points in all three scoring categories. Here are key tips for having a winning bingo bango bongo round:

Aim Aggressively for the Green

Taking aggressive lines with longer clubs into greens to earn bingos should be a priority early in holes before clubs are swapped to shorter approaches. This may require aiming over daunting hazards instead of playing safe.

Dial in Approach Shots

Consistently hitting approach irons close to pins to win bangos will rack up points over 18 holes. Players should practice mid and short-iron precision.

Sink Putts Fast

Making putts quickly with confidence once on the green allows teams to frequently collect bongos. Taking time to properly read greens is still vital.

Coordinate With Teammates

Teams should designate who will aim for bingos or play safely to avoid big numbers and coordinate when laying up versus going for par or birdie putts.

Pick Up Pace of Play

Strategically picking up the pace by running between shots increases the chances of hitting greens first for bingos and holing putts before opponents for bongos. Keep pre-shot routines brief.

Avoid Penalties and OB Shots

Staying in play without major penalties allows players to reached greens faster and score on more holes, maximizing opportunities for points.

Bingo Bango Bongo Golf Formats and Variations

In the game of golf, etiquette is everything, and the rules of the game are to be strictly followed. One popular variation of golf is the Bingo Bango Bongo format, often used as a golf gambling game. In this points-based game, players compete to earn points for being the first to achieve specific milestones, such as being the first to reach the green, the first to sink a long putt, and the first to complete the hole.

A fun aspect of bingo bango bongo golf is teams can play a variety of different match formats and scoring tweaks:

Team VS Team

Teams of 2-4 players face off to see who can score the most points over 9 or 18 holes. This format breeds competitive camaraderie.

Individual VS Individual

Players can also square off one-on-one using bingo bango bongo scoring for head-to-head showdowns, with the highest point scorer winning.

Alternate Shot

In alternate shot format, teammates take turns hitting a single ball, adding new strategy decisions and coordination requirements.

Score Per Player

Rather than one team score, each player can tally their own bingo/bango/bongo point totals for multiplied competition.

Points Multipliers

Increase point multipliers for bingos or bongos to place more emphasis on certain scoring goals like reaching greens or sinking putts first.

Play the Best Ball

Teams use a best ball format where only the best score amongst teammates counts each hole. This rewards the strongest aspects of each player.

With so many potential rules tweaks and game formats, no two rounds of bingo bango bongo golf will ever play out the same.


How do you score Bingo Bango Bongo in golf?

Bingo Bango Bongo uses three separate scoring systems on each hole. “Bingo” is awarded to the first player whose ball lands on the green, regardless of the number of strokes. “Bango” goes to the player whose ball ends up closest to the pin once all players reach the green. Finally, “Bongo” goes to the first player to hole out. Players earn 1 point for Bingo, 1 point for Bango, and 2 points for Bongo on each hole.

How do you play Bongo Bango Bingo?

Bingo Bango Bongo is played by the same scoring rules on each hole. Players aim for the green in as few shots as possible to score Bingo, then position their ball near the pin once everyone reaches the green to try for Bango. Sinking the final putt first wins the Bongo points. Players tally up points over 9 or 18 holes to determine the winning player or team.

Who tees off first in Bingo Bango Bongo?

There’s no strict rule on tee order in Bingo Bango Bongo, but teams often organize tee times strategically. Taking turns teeing off first or sending the longest hitter first to reach greens in regulation benefits coordination and point scoring for teams.

How do you play Bingo golf?

In Bingo golf, the only scoring comes from the “Bingo” system – the first player in the group to reach the green wins a point, no matter how many strokes it took. This encourages aggressive and risky play to hit greens in regulation, rather than conservatively laying up. The same rules apply on par 3 holes. The player with the most Bingo points accumulated at the end of all the holes wins.

In Closing

If you’re looking for an exciting twist on a classic game like golf, gather your friends and give bingo bango bongo rules a shot. The strategic team-based scramble creates exciting competition as groups compete to reach the greens first and dial in short-game precision around the pin. Just remember to play quickly and collaborate with teammates as you try to ring up bingos, bangos, and bongos all the way down the scorecard.

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