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What is a Average Good Golf Score

Golf is a sport that relies on skill and precision, with a golfer’s performance being measured by their golf score. The average golf score is determined by the number of strokes it takes for a player to complete 18 holes. For beginners, the average score may be higher as they are still developing their skills and getting used to the game.

The par for 18 holes is usually set at 72 strokes, so those who score close to or below this number are considered to have a good average score. In addition to the overall score, golfers also have a handicap which takes into account their skill level and adjusts their score accordingly.

For a beginner, a good score for 9 holes would be under par or slightly over par, as they are just starting to learn and improve their skills.

Average Golf Scores for Beginners

When it comes to average golf scores for beginners, it’s important to understand the various factors that contribute to a golfer’s performance on the golf course. An average golfer, especially a beginner, strives to achieve a lower score during their rounds. An amateur golfer playing an 18-hole course typically has an average score of around 100.

This score includes the total number of strokes taken to complete the course. In addition to the overall score, golfers also aim to achieve a better golf handicap. This handicap represents a golfer’s ability in relation to the course’s difficulty, with a lower handicap indicating a better player.

For beginners, the average golf score for 9 holes can range from 45 to 55 strokes, depending on their skill level and practice. As beginners continue to develop their skills and gain experience, they can expect to see improvements in their golf score.

What is a Good Golf Score for 9 Holes?

The question of what constitutes a good golf score for 9 holes is a topic that often arises among golf enthusiasts. While there is no definitive answer, a score around 90 is generally considered to be a respectable target for players of all skill levels. On every hole, a skilled player will aim to finish with the fewest number of strokes possible. In golf, the score is determined by the total number of strokes it takes to complete a round of golf.

For beginners, a score around 100 or below would be considered good, as it demonstrates a basic understanding of the game and the ability to hit the golf ball consistently. To improve their scores, beginners can engage in golf drills and practice regularly. On the other hand, an average golfer might expect to score around 80-90, while more experienced players aim for scores in the 70s or even lower.

What Is the Average Score for 18 Holes?

The average score for an 18-hole round of golf can vary depending on the skill level of the player and the difficulty of the course. In professional golf tournaments like the PGA, a good score would typically be around par or slightly below. However, for beginners, the average score would be much higher. A beginner golf score may range anywhere from breaking 100 to a much higher score. It is common for beginners to submit their scores in order to track their progress and see improvement over time.

A typical score for a beginner would usually exceed the par of 72. Players with a high handicap may find it challenging to consistently shoot even par or better. Taking lessons and practicing regularly can significantly improve your game and help lower your score. In terms of etiquette, it is important to always be mindful of the pace of play and how your score affects others on the course.

Defining a Good Golf Score

Determining what is a good golf score is not as straightforward as it may seem. Several factors come into play, including the course difficulty, weather conditions, player skill level, and the specific format of the game being played. Nevertheless, there are certain benchmarks that can serve as a general guide.

Understanding Par

To understand what is a good golf score, it is essential to grasp the concept of par. Par is a predetermined number of strokes that a skilled golfer should take to complete a hole or an entire course. A typical par for a full 18-hole course ranges from 70 to 72 strokes. Par serves as a baseline against which golfers can measure their performance.

Course Difficulty

The difficulty of a golf course plays a significant role in determining what is a good golf score. Courses are rated based on their slope and course rating, which take into account factors such as length, hazards, and obstacles. The higher the course rating, the more challenging the course is considered to be, and consequently, a higher score may be considered good.

Player Skill Level

The skill level of the golfer is another crucial factor in determining what is a good golf score. For a professional golfer, a score of par or slightly below par is generally considered good. However, for amateur or recreational players, a score around 90 or lower may be viewed as a good performance, depending on their handicap and skill level.

Game Format

The format of the game also influences what is a good golf score. In stroke play, where the total number of strokes is counted, a good score would be one that is below par. Which match play, where golfers compete against each other, a good score is relative to the opponent’s performance. In Stableford or modified Stableford formats, scoring is based on a points system, and a good score would be one that accumulates a high number of points.

Evaluating a Good Golf Score

To evaluate what is a good golf score, golfers should consider the following factors:

Scoring Average

Understanding your personal scoring average is crucial. A good golf score should be lower than your typical average, indicating improvement and consistency.


Handicaps are a measure of a player’s potential ability. A good golf score should be lower than your handicap, as this indicates a better-than-average performance.

Course Rating and Slope

Comparing your score to the course rating and slope can provide insight into how well you performed relative to the difficulty of the course.

Weather Conditions

Wind, rain, and other weather factors can significantly impact a player’s performance. A good golf score takes into account the challenges posed by adverse weather conditions.


Consistency is key in golf. A good golf score should reflect a player’s ability to maintain a steady performance throughout the round, avoiding significant fluctuations in individual hole scores.

Achieving a Good Golf Score

To achieve a good golf score, golfers should focus on developing a well-rounded game, practicing regularly, and implementing effective strategies on the course. Proper swing mechanics, course management, mental toughness, and an understanding of the rules and etiquette are all essential components that contribute to improved scoring.

Additionally, seeking guidance from a professional golf instructor, analyzing personal statistics, and setting realistic goals can help golfers identify areas for improvement and develop a personalized plan to achieve a good golf score.


What is the average golf score for men?

The average golf score for a man with a USGA handicap index of around 15 is around 90-95.

How many golfers can break 80?

Only about 5% of golfers can consistently break 80 in a round of golf.

What is a perfect score in golf?

A perfect score in golf is a score of 63 or lower on a standard par 72 golf course. This would require a golfer to shoot 9 under par or better, which is extremely rare and difficult to achieve.


Understanding what is a good golf score is a multifaceted concept that requires considering various factors, including course difficulty, player skill level, game format, and personal scoring averages. By analyzing these elements and focusing on consistent improvement, golfers can strive to achieve good golf scores that align with their abilities and goals. Remember, golf is a game of continuous learning and personal growth, and the pursuit of a good golf score is a journey that should be enjoyed with patience, perseverance, and a love for the sport.

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